22 July 2016

11 Essential Tips to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Posts

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As like in real life, it's very important to balance good reputation on social media also. Facebook is undoubtedly the best platform where almost every person is active. Although, it was made to connect with the friends and family members but now people are using it for showing-off purpose.

Every single person is begging to get more likes on his posts and profile picture. The sad truth about this virtual world is that, people use Facebook likes as a mean to measure person's reputation and fame. Right? Even you may also be one of them.

Get more likes on Facebook posts

While on the other hand, there is no doubt in fact that the person will too many likes and followers looks more professional. If you want to give a professional touch to your Facebook profile, you've to increase likes on your posts. This will also help you to keep balance between your personal and business life.

Well there are number of methods by which you can increase likes on your Facebook post. From last few years, Auto Likers are trending. Although they are good and can give you hundreds (or even thousands) of likes instantly but as they are fake, so they can leave bad impression on your real-life status, tagging you with a word "Fake", which you don't deserve.

Moreover, Facebook is also strict against them as it doesn't support any kind of fake activities. If you'll be caught using Auto Likers, your account or its particular services may be blocked temporarily and even permanently. Yeah, you read that correct. In shorts, it's not good to use Auto Likers.

Apart from this, I have seen many people begging for likes and comments. You might have received many messages from your friends saying you to like and comment on their photos. This is a bullshit. Sometimes I wonder how people can go this much down, just to get few likes on their posts? Cheap!

Now tell me how it would be to get hundreds of likes on your Facebook posts in an ethical way and that too without using any third-party app or website. Sounds good? Yeah! This is possible. Here are few essential tips you should try, which are 100% safe and working.

1. Choose the right time to post

In order to reach the maximum organic traffic, it's very important to choose the right time to post your photos and status. It will be of no use to share the post when people are not active on Facebook.

Now let's take two simple examples. In first case, you're posting a photo when most of your friends are online and on other hand, what if you'll post the same thing when no one or very few people are active. Tell me which target more audience? Of course, first one.

There is no perfect time to post. You've to find it manually and it may be different for every person. As a general rule, you've to choose a time when most of your friends are online. For example, those people who are living in India can post between 6PM to 10PM or in the early morning time.

Moreover, days like Sunday and Saturday also perform very well. To know more about this topic, you can read my previous case study on best time to post on Facebook so as to improve organic reach.

2. Choose the right type of photo and status

Remember that, people like what they love. Keeping this thing in mind, you've to choose the right type of photo and status to post. I have seen many people posting photos of their favorite celebrity or car. So do you think your friends will like them? No way.

Instead of this, it's better to post your own pics. But make sure that they're clear and awesome. I usually prefer DSLR photos as they give a professional touch to profile. Otherwise, if you've a normal mobile camera, you can take a selfie and add filters in it (I love Instagram filters or you can try new Prisma app on your iPhone).

Apart from this, if you usually post status, you can try comedy jokes, trending topics, motivation or inspiration quotes as they are loved by everyone and thus you can get more likes. Don't forget to add these quotes in your photos and profile picture caption with credits to the original writer.

3. Write call to action

Experiment shows that the post with call to action can drive more engagement and it will definitely reach more audience, ultimately increasing your post likes. Many of you don't know what call to action is. Here's what you need to know -

Call to action is a note that works as a bait to engage people in your post. For example, if you'll share your personal opinions on a particular topic or write something interesting in the caption, your friends will reply back to you in the comments.

Before posting anything, don't forget to write a call to action note. Otherwise, you may miss a great opportunity to get more likes on your post. Few common examples of call to action are: "What do you think?", "Comment below" and "Let me know". You can use them at the end of caption after write something which is easily answerable, basically a Q&A type post.

4. Add more friends in your list

The more friends you've, the more likes you'll get on your posts and profile picture. As simple as it sounds. Now its time to send friend requests to every single person you know in your real life and who is in contact with you.

If you had already done this, then try adding unknown people who are friends of friend. Note that, Facebook doesn't allow to connect with unknown people for some security reasons. So play safe, otherwise Facebook may penalize your account for spam purpose and even block you.

To be on safe side, it's better to try some tricks which can help you to get more friends requests on your profile automatically. I had already discussed about this topic in my previous article. The best way is to join "Add me" groups on Facebook where you can manually ask people to send you friend requests.

5. Be an active user

What is the average time you're active on Facebook? And what's your post frequency? In order to fetch the maximum number of likes from your friends, you've to be an active user. Try to login at least once in a day and post status and photos on daily or weekly basis.

People are more interested to know what their friends are doing on Facebook. They are eagerly waiting to get new updates from you. In fact, this is the reason why Facebook was made. Don't miss a single chance and be an active user.

6. Be in touch with your friends

It's believed that the people who have good relations in their real life get more likes on their Facebook posts. While on the technical side, if you're not in touch with any of your Facebook friend, he\she might not see your posts in his news feed also, thus you're losing a great potential here.

To be in touch with your friends, make sure to maintain good relations in your real life and also chat with them in Facebook messages when they aren't close to you.

Here's another working tip - Make sure to like and comment on your friend's posts (occasionally) and you'll see some good response from them. They will also start liking and commenting on your pictures.

7. Reply back to all comments

Reply back to comments

This is another way to improve engagement on your post which will gift you more likes. You should reply back to each single comment if possible. Make sure to add a thanks note at the end.

Here's another important thing you should keep in your mind. Don't reply all comments simultaneously. If you reply them one by one by keeping a little time period gap between them, it will help you to reach more audience.

What I had observed is that, if you'll reply to the comment after 1 or 2 days, Facebook will again start showing it in your friend's news feed by pairing it with your social action (such as who liked and commented on the post).

8. Change post audience to public

To reach the maximum organic traffic, you've to change the post privacy to public so that anyone can view, like, comment and share your post. It's pretty much easy to do this. While posting anything, simply click the privacy button and select "Public" option.

Change post privacy to public

This way, you can also target your profile followers and the people who visit your profile directly from other sources (such as from Google or from other third-party websites which are linked to your profile link).

9. Tag your friends

Tag photo

Facebook provide an option which let you tag people on your status and photos. Even in the comment box. You can tag up to 20 (or more) friends. When you'll tag someone, he will get a new notification and your post may be visible on their profile as per their custom timeline and tagging settings. Note that, you can also change and remove tagged people anytime.

This option allow you to target friends of friends and they may also see your post in their news feed or on your friend's timeline. Speaking frankly, tagging unknown people is simply a misuse of this amazing feature as it was made to tag those friends only who are actually there in the posts (e.g in a group picture).

I personally feel annoying when someone tag me in useless posts. So think twice before doing this. Otherwise, your friends may start disliking you.

10. Change same profile picture again

This trick is for profile picture only. Facebook allow you to change your profile picture with old one and good thing is that, you'll not lose any of your likes and comments. In fact, they will remain same but the upload time will change on your timeline with each new update.

Apart from this, the re-changed profile picture will again show up in the news feed. I recommend you to change it at least 2 times so that it will reach full potential audience and each single friend can like it.

11. Like your own post

As like comments, you should like your own posts and profile picture. Although it sounds little weird but here are two benefits of doing this -

First of all, you'll find an increment in your post like (note that, each single like counts (LOL) and on the other hand, liking your own posts will again push it in your friend's news feed.

This is how you can increase likes on your Facebook posts and profile picture. So what are you waiting for? Go now and work on these tricks. If you've any doubts, don't forget to ask me in the comment box. Stay tuned for more interesting tutorials. Did I had missed something?

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