22 April 2024

How to Set Full Size Photo on WhatsApp Profile Picture

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Do you find it annoying that WhatsApp doesn't allow you to set full size photo as your profile picture? It should be in perfect square shape or you have to crop it manually. Most of the photos, even the one which you take from your mobile camera are either in landscape or portrait mode. Cropping them will cut some of their part that you don't want to miss.

Set full size WhatsApp profile picture
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21 April 2024

How to Read All Answers on Quora Without Signing In

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Quora is one of the most popular question-answer websites in the world. It's a platform where you can ask any topic related questions and get quality answers by its community of users. Although Quora is free to access by all people but sometimes it forcefully asks you to login.

Read Quora answers without logging in

For example, when you visit Quora from Google, it will display the first webpage normally but as you will move to the next webpage, content will be locked behind login screen. A pop up box will appear as shown in the below picture -
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3 April 2024

How to Save Your Own and Someone's Instagram Story

Instagram has introduced Stories feature which lets you share all your moments of the day as like a slideshow. Stories makes it easy to post photos throughout the day that you don't want to share on your profile. These photos and videos are temporary and they will disappear after 24 hours. This feature is very much similar to the Snapchat stories. You can also add filters, text, stickers and draw to your photo or video.

Download Someone's Instagram Story
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1 April 2024

How to Hang Someone's Phone Via WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp is one of the best and even most popular messenger app for smartphones. If you are using WhatsApp from a long time, you might have received several messages from your friends that hangs your phone or crashes the app automatically. So how a message can do this? You may call it a virus or scam but actually it's a WhatsApp bug.

Hang phone via WhatsApp message
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