25 March 2021

Benefits of an Email Archiving Solution

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Email is the most popular communication tool for most organizations and individuals. Businesses and organizations worldwide have adopted email as a vital part of their daily workflow because it is the fastest and most convenient way to communicate with clients or colleagues. However, most business owners are uninformed about the importance of having an email archiving strategy.

Email archiving benefits

How Can a Business Benefit from Email Archiving?

Here are the top seven reasons why every business should archive their email.

1. Storage

An accumulation of stored data on email servers can cause slow performance as the storage gets fuller. You may be forced to delete some emails to relieve space, which is not a wise choice as you may lose important data. Email archiving helps business owners transfer data to a safer off-site server or cloud. The compression of emails and attachments before archiving saves up to 50% or more of the overall disk space.

2. Prevention of Data Loss

Accidental deletion of emails is common. Sometimes, users delete emails maliciously, leaving the company vulnerable to losing important information. An email archiving solution automatically saves and stores emails and greatly preserves the risks of data loss.

3. Increased Server Performance

In most cases, you end up wasting a lot of time looking for an old email in the inbox. You have to give the system some time to load and pull it up for you even after typing the exact details you are looking for.

Once your emails have been archived and stored in a simplified way, you have the option of deleting them from the old server. This helps relieve your internal server and greatly improve its performance.

4. End-user Monitoring

Email archiving can help detect workplace disputes, and it can help in the detection of more serious issues in the workplace, such as sexual harassment or fraud. An email archive allows you to define rules and policies that indicate employee misconduct. End-user monitoring is achieved by identifying certain words used by users when sending emails. Keywords that may seem to indicate any misconduct is notified to the HR for further action.

5. Saves Costs

The traditional saving email method is expensive, as you have to pay for storage space. Using an email archiving solution helps you save on IT maintenance costs, backup, and power costs.

6. Reduces Human Error

User-managed retention has predetermined tags and rules for a given period. This retention method is prone to errors when following guidelines because it is easy for users to forget or ignore them. Email archiving reduces the possibility of human errors that may lead to data loss.

7. Improved Productivity

When email servers are loaded with data, searching for a specific email may be a daunting process. Email archiving allows users to recover their emails without having to wait for the IT technician's help. It is a manageable and efficient way of recovering emails fast by yourself. It also means that IT technicians don't have to spend a lot of time trying to recover an email or respond to clients' email recovery requests. Your users are already equipped with all the necessary tools required to be more productive.

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