3 May 2021

How to Configure Email on Mac Using Apple Mail

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Irrespective of the email account you use, you can configure your email on a Mac computer using the Apple mail application. Whether it’s a Gmail account, AOL account or Outlook account, the Apple mail application paves the way for you to configure your email and get seamless access to the emails that matter to you.

Configure emails on Mac using Apple Mail

Configuring the email account

It is the foremost step in setting up your email account in the Apple mail application to receive emails on your device.
  1. Navigate to the ‘Apple Icon’ menu and select the option denoted as ‘System Preferences’.
  2. Of the various available options, the user will have to choose the ‘Internet Accounts’ option.
  3. You can see the names of different email providers such as Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, etc. If you have an email address other than the list of options provided, you need not worry. Just click 'Other Mail Account'.
  4. Choose the option denoted as ‘Continue’.
  5. You will have to enter the email address and password without any errors. It has to be noted that people who receive the email from you will view the name given in the 'Name' section.
  6. Upon entering the details, the user can click on the 'Sign In' option.
  7. The user will then be provided with the option to fill in details about the server settings. Email address will be prefilled. You will have to enter the email address as the user name. Enter the unique password. The account type will be selected as ‘IMAP’ by default unless and until you wish to change it to POP3. You can enter the domain name in both the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server.
  8. You can enable the checkbox placed adjacent to each of the apps you wish to make use of along with this account.
  9. Click the option denoted as ‘Done’.
User will have to repeat the process if they want to include one or more email account within the Mac computer. You can quickly take a glance at all the added applications in the Mail application of your Mac.

Setting the Frequency of Checking New Messages

You can customize the frequency for the Mail app when it comes to checking new messages.
  1. Select the ‘Mail’ menu bar in Mac and click ‘Preferences’.
  2. You can see a drop-down option next to 'Check New Messages' in the' General' tab.
  3. The drop-down list consists of the following options for the user.
    1. Every minute
    2. Every 5 minutes
    3. Every 15 minutes
    4. Every 30 minutes
    5. Every hour
Upon selection, the new messages will be checked based on the frequency selected.

Viewing and Downloading Email Attachments

You can not only view photos and videos in the email but also can download them.
  1. Open ‘Mail’ application in Mac from the Finder.
  2. Click to open the email from which you want the photo or zip file of the video to be downloaded.
  3. If you want to see the document or photo, double-clicking on the file will open it for viewing purposes.
  4. You can see a download arrow or symbol, which you will have to click to download the file.
  5. Click on the attachment with the name before clicking the 'Save' button.
  6. Select the location in which you want the file to be saved for downloading.
Once you have had a copy of your downloaded file, you should prefer deleting your mail downloads which will help free up your email space that takes the disk space from Mac. To know more, read this.

Composing a New Email

If you want to send a new email for your contacts from the Mail application in Mac, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps.
  1. Click to open ‘Mail’ from the Finder in Mac.
  2. Choose the ‘Compose’ button.
  3. You can then type the email address of the contact person you wish to send the email to.
  4. Enter a good subject line in the email.
  5. Type the text you want to enter in the email.
  6. You can attach documents by clicking the icon, which will give you options to upload the file, including upload from the computer.
  7. Upon completing the file attachment, you will have to click the 'Send' icon, which looks like a paper airplane icon.

Deleting an Email

It is always desirable to delete the inbox, which might get filled with many email messages.
  1. Click to open the ‘Mail’ application in Mac.
  2. Select the email which you wish to delete from the inbox.
  3. You can select multiple messages from the inbox which you wish to delete.
  4. After selecting the emails to be deleted, click the delete option, represented as the 'Trash Can' icon.


figuring email in Mac using Apple Mail is as simple as you think. But for a beginner who is using a Mac computer, he or she may be uncertain about the process of configuring the email in Mac. This article will be helpful for those who wish to know how to configure email, set the frequency in checking new messages, view and download email attachments, send a new email, and deleting unwanted emails from the inbox.

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