2 November 2015

4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Facebook Auto Liker

No doubt, Facebook is number one social networking site which help us to connect with our loved ones. According to Facebook policies, you can add only 5000 friends in your account which is very large value. However by research and studies, it's been found that a normal person can have only 200-250 friends ( including those to whom it daily meet and knows in real life ). What most of the people do is they send requests to unknown people in order to get more following. This is what where they did mistake.

4 Reasons Why you Should Stop Using Facebook Auto Liker

In this world of fame ( or you can say unrealistic world ) , everyone want to show-off and we can't forget social media as a great platform in this list. Most of the us judge people on the basis of likes we get on Facebook and yeah it is true or real to some extent. But not all the time.

In the last few years, autoliker sites has gradually rise in their number of users like a boosted rocket. So what are these and how did they works. What are the disadvantages of using them. These are the few questions which every Facebook user should know in deep and I am going to teach you all these things today. So lets Start!

What Is Facebook Auto Liker? How It Works?

Facebook auto liker is nothing but an online tool which help you to get more likes on your status, photos, notes and videos. Here online tool refers to the website, application or extension. Generally it is website. Now you may wonder about how it works and how we are able to get so much likes.

Before I go deep, first learn about the strategy on which this works. For an Instance, If 10 people are already using auto liker website and you ( that is 11th user ) registered for it then all 10 users will automatically like your status or photo. Next time the sum total of all users will be 11. Each time a new user is added, a new like will be generated from his side and this process goes on and on. Summing up all this, we can say, they works on "like for like" system.

Next move to the data storage or how likes are managed. Well we all know about Facebook apps and we usually use them to login with other social networking sites like Instagram or Pinterest. Autoliker also do the same thing. They make use of Facebook apps to collect and store user data. Whenever a new person register for it, it will be asked to allow app permission to his account.

Apps also generate one time access tokens ( a long automatically generated key including combination of numbers, alphabets and symbols ) which long only for few minutes and after that it expire. These are used to login each time user want to use auto liker on his or her profile. I hope you have little knowledge on auto likers till now. This time I will discuss on the various risks of using them.

It's Time to Say Goodbye to Auto Liker. Here Is Why.

1. Reputation Is What You Lose

As Autolikers are famous from past few years, so it is not a new word for us. Everyone knows about them, even your friends. Now tell me how it would be possible for a person to get more than 200+ likes where it used to get only 50 around earlier. Definitely something is wrong and it is due to autoliker. This can detected easily. Now for an instance, think that your close friend is using auto liker on his profile and you know about it. So did you still have same respect for that guys. Most probably NO.
Here is why?

No doubt fake is second for auto liker. Even it is against Facebook policies. So can be treated as crime. Did you ever appreciate any person having interest in words like "Fake"? I bet Not. And if it would be your friends, you'll see him with the disrespectable eyes. What I am going to say is that if you also use auto liker, somewhere you'll find lose in your respect and reputation.

2. You're Spammer. Did You Like That Word?

Whenever you will use auto liker, it will promote itself or paid ads automatically by sharing links/photo/status to your own profile, friends wall, groups you've joined, pages you've liked, comment and on other places also. This all will happen in name of your account. Indirectly or directly you're spoiling Facebook policies. This is the main reason why auto liker websites get this much popularity in a very short period of time. Each users contribute to promote them.

This is all big-shit! Now let me ask you one question. Did you like to join "spammer" word after your name? If not, then stop using it.

3. Maybe You're Hacked !

As already mentioned, auto liker make use of app access token for login. These access tokens should be treated as your password. I am not saying this. Facebook itself display a message as "SECURITY WARNING! Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone" whenever you request for access token. See below Picture -

Facebook Access Token Warning Message

The words are clear. It's a warning from Facebook side. So why use them if its was officially warned to you? Autolikers will use your account for spamming purpose as I explained in 2nd reason. Moreover you will start liking unwanted status and photos of unknown people, even from different countries also. These are the clear sign and enough to proof that you account is hacked.

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4. Chances are you'll be Banned by Facebook

Facebook is strict against spammers and fake accounts. In the last few years it has taken major steps to avoid such things. Making friendly environment for people is one the top most perspective for every successful online Business and Facebook like company understand this very much.

Here is a list of few ban or restrictions Facebook can apply on your account if you continue to use auto liker for long time.

  • Permanent Disable of Account
  • Block from posting in groups and friends wall.
  • Block from liking and commenting status and photos.
Did you want to take these risks? Not and at-least not on your original account.

Summing Up All !

All what I mentioned above is true and what did you think about it? Still it's not the end of your autoliker journey. It's all up-to you what you want to choose. My advice is to keep calm and enjoy using your real likes as there is no more pleasure than getting likes one by one. At least they are your own which again is very big thing for us to keep moving in life with the feel of proud and respect. Finally If you have any query or doubt on this topic, please let me know in comments.


  1. Autolikers send likes from your account without knowing you. So you should stop using these services. Source: Risk of using autolikers

  2. Thank you so much sir for clearing my all doubts about autoliker

  3. Sir I have used it once
    Because I was not knowing about it
    So now is there any solution for safing my fb account

    1. May be you can change your password and make your account safe.

  4. nice article, thanks.