7 January 2016

Top 4 Q&A Community Websites to Get Your Problem Solved

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Life is all about learning, experimenting and improving your skills. These are 3 major steps to be a successful person. In between these things, we have to face failure and its natural but some people take it serious. But why? We should face the reality and then only we can solve it. If I talk about computer related problems (basically what I am discussing in this topic) then you can opt for book references or online tutorials.

Top 4 Question-Answer Community Sites

Gone are those days when people used to keep their books with them. Nowadays, everything is available on internet and you can access them for free.

Sometimes we have number of doubts in our mind which can't be solved by reading into books and neither a single professional can help us to solve them. For example, If you are learning about computer programming (say C++) then there will be number of situations where you can't solve them by yourself and not even with the help of your teacher. In such cases, experienced person can help you get the right solution. But how to contact such people? How to get your problem solved?

First of all, you don't need to worry about anything. There are tons of online Q&A community or forum websites available over internet using which you can ask any question related to your problem and other people will help you to solve it in right way.

I had used a term "tons" above, which is a very big value. So do you really need to use all of them. Definitely not! This is because of spam, low quality and auto-bot websites. What if you posted a question and no one answer it. It is very important to choose the right platform and that's why I had prepared a list of top 4 most loving and even most useful Question-Answer community websites which I personally use to ask my queries. Now have a look at their features.

1. Facebook Groups

What most of the people think is that Facebook groups are useless. But I am not one of them. Although Facebook is a social networking site but groups can be a way for you to discuss things with people having same interest as you have.

Okay! But the question is why you should choose them? One of the major reason is the huge traffic. Facebook has millions of users. This will help you target more people and for this task you can either create a new group or you can join others.

Creating a new Facebook group is very easy but joining other groups is a tough task. Again its very important to choose the right group of your interest. Below are few tips which you can follow -

  1. Collect all keywords related to your niche interest. For example, If I want to join computer related groups then these are few keywords which I can use: computer, programming, c++, python, windows, tutorials, tricks, tips etc.,
  2. Now search these keywords or combination of keywords in Facebook search box. For Example: "Windows Tricks" is a combination of two keywords (i.e., windows and tricks)
  3. After searching all combinations, filter out and join all groups with more than 15k+ members. (join at least 20 groups)
  4. Now wait for the approval and go through the activities of groups. Check whether it is perfect for you or not? If it is out of topic and have no active members then leave such groups.
  5. If all above steps are done then start posting your questions and discuss with other people.
So in this way you can use Facebook groups for learning purpose.

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2. Quora - Best Answer to Any Question

Quora is one of my favorite website which was launched in 2010 and from that year to now, it has gained lot of fame. Even it is a tough competitor for Stack Exchange and Yahoo Answer like websites.

It is very easy to sign up with quora. You can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account for this. Simply go to their sign up page and choose any account to continue with. It will then ask you to allow app permission and after this, fill out your name, email address and all other information.

After signing up, you'll be moved to a topic page from where you can follow any topic related to your interest. Finally save all changes and go to your homepage to find new articles related to the topics you had selected earlier. Indirectly this will be a goldmine for you, a goldmine of Q&A.

The interesting part here is to answer other people's queries. You can also post a separate question for your problem but before this, go through all topics and check whether it was already answered or not. If not then proceed further.

There is an interesting news for all. Now you download the android or iPhone app of quora which is available on their respective app store. This will give you instant access to your account and you can also save pages for offline reading.

Visit Quora

3. Stack Exchange

Finally the king of all and one of my most loved website is here - Stack Exchange. It is the potential source of knowledge and you can surf number of topics from education to computer to politics.

You can sign up for this website with same process as it was in quora i.e you can use your Facebook or Google account for login. After signing up, you can customize your profile by filling by its bio, profile picture, tagline and all other information.

Now one thing which I love is the reputation points for profile. Stack Exchange gives members the chance to earn points as a way to encourage participation. Each time whenever you'll answer any question or participate in other activities, your points will added to your profile.

For different topics, Stack Exchange has different sub domains. For example, all maths related questions are shown under this domain: math.stackexchange.com

From navigation menu, you can select any topic to filter your search and it will then redirect you to their particular subdomain. However it's not necessarily that you should login to see all those posts. They are publicly available to everyone but to ask your own question, you've to login first.

As like Quora, Stack Exchange also have their app for mobile platform and you can download it from google play or iTunes to get most out of it.

Visit Stack Exchange

4. Yahoo Answers

Last but not least, you can join Yahoo Answers which is the official Q&A community website of popular search engine - Yahoo! It is one of the oldest community site launched back in 2005 to replace Ask Yahoo ( another Yahoo!'s former Q&A platform which was removed in 2006).

Over last few years, there is sudden drop in Yahoo Answer quality. People are moving toward other alternatives and due to this reason, it is spammy somewhere. It has lack of experienced and professional users. However you can give a one try to this. In my advice, use it for reading purpose only instead of using it to ask your own queries.

As like others, Yahoo Answers also have number of topics and anyone can surf them without logging into your account i.e., everything is available publicly. Unfortunately there is no app for mobile platform and you can only visit it directly from your browser.

Visit Yahoo Answers

So above are the best Q&A community websites you should join right now. To check out complete list, please read this Wikipedia article.

Do you know any other better alternative? Which one are you going to use as your primary choice ?

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