19 May 2021

Top Ways Your Ecommerce Company Can Boost Engagement in 2021

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Customer engagement is paramount to success and should be the first priority of the company. Many e-commerce companies have the capability to target more customers and gain better revenue. But they are not focusing on the engagement process, thus failing to attract more customers.

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Companies need to understand the fact that buying preferences and the online behavior of customers are constantly evolving. Customers tend to switch from apps to messaging platforms and social media sites. They are mobile, and you need to focus on every part that can help you enhance the engagement.

So we will let you go through a heap of ways that will help you build your audience and engagement.

Enable feedbacks and review

When you open the review or comment section, you are actually gaining the customers' trust; how? Well, when they know that your E-commerce website is letting them speak and share the comments, they will connect with you. But this is not a one-sided game; you need to tell them that you are listening, and this can be done by replying to the feedback and comments. Whether they are criticizing you or appreciating you, you will know how you are performing and engaging.

Offer easy access to information.

No customer wants to get disturbed with plenty of informational emails and messages. It is better to use the technology here and create a self-service portal for customers. Where they can get all the information with ease. Remember that customers are always in a hurry, and they don't have time to open a word file and go through the details. So instead of uploading a word file, it is better to upload an image. This image will convey the information you wish to share with your customers.

These days almost all of us are blessed with the most advanced system, i.e., Mac. But somehow, we lack in understanding a few ways of working on it. One of the most common situations is how to save a word file as JPEG on a Mac?

As we have mentioned earlier, it’s easy for customers to download the JPEG on a phone instead of a word to go through the information. So it’s better to save the word file as JPEG for customers convenience. If you are among us who have no idea how to do it, you can refer to this blog post https://setapp.com/how-to/convert-word-to-jpeg regarding the information. This will help you understand the process, and it will be easy for you to share it with your customers.

Offer Coupons and discounts

We can't question this power as it has always been one of the best retail promotion ways. However, in the digital shopping era, coupons play a significant role beyond just purchasing incentives. It is a way you can even increase your subscribers, and later you can follow up with them. This process doesn't just increase the sale and engagement but even let the company get prospect leads. Thus it is considered an effective way to enhance engagement with sales.

Conduct Contest

Social media is one of the best ways to conduct contests. They are the medium to spread awareness, drive traffic and boost sales. Best practices for operating social media contests are:
  1. Generate unique hashtags.
  2. Generate an image or video to distribute the contest information.
  3. Generate example posts to motivate users.
  4. Display the posts in a gallery on your website with social channels.
  5. Publish the policies of the contest.

Final Words

Engaging customers is the best way to enhance sales. So make sure you follow the top methods mentioned above to boost engagement. Let us know if you have any question in your mind related to this topic! Stay tuned with us for more informative articles.

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