26 May 2016

What Is Facebook Jail? What to Do When Account Is Blocked?

Facebook Jail

Facebook is improving day by day. It has millions of active accounts out of which, few are used for spam purpose only. To protect other users from them, Facebook has its own security checks and block system. Now it can easily hunt spam activities. Even it keep record of all activities you do and they are reviewed both manually and automatically. Facebook takes major actions against those spam users. It can block their particular service or complete account as well.

In my previous article, I had already discussed on how to avoid your Facebook account for block penalties. However, many people have asked me that what to do when the account is penalized or is there any way to bypass the block system. To answer these questions, you first need to know about how Facebook block system works (also know as Facebook Jail by many people) and why they block people.

What is Facebook Jail? Types of block

If you'll be found doing any spam activities, Facebook will put you in Facebook Jail. Wait! don't panic. If you're thinking that it will file a court case against you then you're damn wrong. It's just a virtual jail where your account or its particular service(s) will be blocked for some time period.

There are two types of block. One is permanent and other one is temporary. In permanent block, you'll be blocked permanently and you can't access your account or a particular service(s) again in any way. This type of block is specially for spammers and hackers who are trying to play with Facebook security.

On the other hand, temporary block will disable your account or again a particular service(s) for a limited time period and you can access them again when the restriction will be removed. For example, If you'll post unnecessary things in groups, you may be blocked to post new things in future and this restriction will last for few days. In the same way, if you'll send spam messages to unknown people, you'll be blocked from sending further messages.

Facebook usually penalize users with temporary block but if the problem is serious or the person is repeating that same mistake again and again, it may be blocked permanently. You should be very careful at each step and play safe otherwise, you may lose your private account for no reason and it's really painful.

Why Facebook block people?

Facebook is an open place where anyone can connect with other people. Apart from positive benefits, it have many negative points as well. Spammers, hackers, kidnappers and other fraud people are using Facebook to target small kids and innocents. From last few years, thousands of cases had been filled against this. On the other hand, some terrorist groups (like ISIS) are using social media sites to build their online army. Basically, it's the Facebook responsibility to keep their user safe and that's why, If someone violates their policies, he/she will be blocked soon.

As already mentioned, Facebook keep record of all activities you do. Moreover, If someone finds you annoying, he/she can report your profile or a particular content manually. After which, it will be reviewed by team and they will take suitable action against you. This is how block system or Facebook Jail works.

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What to do when you're blocked by Facebook?

When you're blocked, you can't access your account or its particular service. Speaking frankly, there is no way to bypass Facebook block system. If your account is blocked permanently, there is no way to recover it. In that case, you can create a new account with completely different identity. Don't use same details like Email address and mobile number, otherwise Facebook may block your new account also.

If you're blocked temporarily, you've another chance to access it again. Here are few essential tips which you should keep in your mind.

Wait, Wait and Wait!

Unfortunately, there is no option by which you can contact Facebook team to appeal them in order to remove your block restriction. Everything is automatic. All what you can do is wait and nothing else. You've to wait until you're unblocked again. It may take few days or months also. Be patient and play safe. Make yourself engaged in other activities.

Let some time passes

When your account is blocked, slow down all activities and avoid all such things that can put your account in further restriction. Do things normally and let Facebook know that you're not violating their policies or you're another normal user. For this, you can keep little time period gap between your each activity. For example, don't message and comment same thing continuously.

Don't repeat same mistake again

Once your account is unblocked, you should not repeat that same mistake again by which you had been blocked earlier. If you'll do so, you'll be blocked again and then, it will be a more longer restriction. Facebook can also block your account permanently if you'll repeat similar mistakes again and again.

Don't play with Facebook security

Many people try different tricks to bypass this block system. You may find thousands of tutorials on Google but unfortunately, nothing will work. If any website is claiming to get back your account, they are just fooling you. They will ask you to execute a JavaScript code in your browser console or URL tab. This will do nothing but surely put your account in danger zone and thus you may be blocked permanently. So stay away from these kinds of fake tricks and don't try to play with Facebook security. Again remember that, Facebook is now mature enough to detect spam and hack activities.

Remove auto bots

Auto bots are the tools (basically online websites) that can do multiple task at once without manual work. Here auto means automatic and bots means robots. So its real meaning is automatic robots (virtual). They are generally used for spam purpose. For example, there are tons of auto liker websites which can help you to increase your post likes. Other auto bots are auto commenter, auto follower, multi group poster etc.,

Facebook is strictly against them and it doesn't support any kind of fake activities. I had already posted an article on why you should not use auto likers where I clearly explain all their drawbacks. If you're still using such auto bots, please remove them immediately.

This is all what you can do when you're blocked by Facebook. If you've any doubts, fell free to ask me in comment box. What type of restriction you've encountered and how you came out of it? Share your experience below!


  1. This article is BS, many people have had blocks on their accounts for literally nothing!! I've been blocked twice for thirty days, once nothing and second time for calling someone a "creep" really!!!??

    1. I called a guy HOMOSEXUAL because he was a homosexual ... and they blocked me... I don't play politically correctness, I'm wiser than that I call things by their name I don't sugar coat my words, I guess I won't last in Facebook so Be it, I don't need that crap I will do a website or blog... Facebook take a walk.

  2. Facebook blocks some people permanently even though those people never spam or hack. I'm highly suspicious that Facebook blocks people based on which political candidates they support, at least in the US.

    1. I believe there is favoritism .I think a free speech site will overtake face book/Bulies never stop and face Book is bullying people.More and more peolr are getting fe

    2. This is the TRUTH, I know someone who was blocked for posting the photo of the American Flag!

  3. I'm Mrsmfjudge what kind of restrictions I have on me

  4. I was blocked today. It's ridiculous. I've never called people names or have been rude. But I was turned in by a Jon Noel whom was mad because I wanted to know why he was calling people names he did not know. Of course, in a nice way, I made him look stupid by his comments but did not call him stupid. He turned me in and I get blocked! How is that right when he was attacking me along with other people? Is Facebook not fair about how they do this? I was able to turn him in after and I assume he's also been blocked. I don't get this. I hate Facebook it seems many people are just nasty to others and if they don't get their way they get you blocked.

  5. And whats the whole deal with having to send a photo of your driver's license or passport to Facebook for "verification" reasons. Its bull.

  6. I am now blocked and the reason why is ridiculous. One cannot participate in a civilized debate on Facebook. I do not use vulgar language or post nude photos. I am good at winning political debates and I can only assume someone who was made to look foolish by not being able to counter my argument, was offended and turned me in. Facebook, considers conservative, who is turned in as guilty and inflicts their version of punishment by blocking people for a period of time.

  7. I have got blocked twice within a 3 month period but everything I post or share comes from other ppl pages can I find out who reporting my page

  8. My account is allowing me access etc but when posting in a selling group it is not showing as an active sales post but the items are showing on the site itself .This seems to of been since the latest update I installed a couple days ago

  9. I have also been blocked! I have no idea why or by whom, can you tell me why and how can I access my initial account? I have a business attached to my account and a game I enjoy playing. This is really ridiculous I don't post anything demeaning or negative. Can you give me some insite?

  10. You get put in Facebook jail when people just don't like when you post the truth and they report you, this is the same garbage they do on Craigs list in the "Rants & Raves" someone doesn't like what you posted, report it, and you are blocked!

  11. I was blocked and keep messaging them asking why. Every time I message them through their appeal system, they extend my jail time. The first time by 3 hours. The second time by 7 hours. WTH? Both times I tried to contact them all I asked was WHY I was restricted...what did I post so I don't do it again. No response, just an extension of my jail time. I am angry!!!

  12. I just got blocked and I am.pretty sure i know why, and by whom ( i dont know her personally).
    Nevermind she attacked me first over my last name.

  13. Facebook blocking LOST me for sure....I was banned, for THREE DAYS and SILENCED after a psycho person used RACIAL slurs against me and I called her a fat obese bitch who needs to spend more time at the GYM. She attacked me first and was totally unjustified....how ABOUT my feelings??

    This is the LOWEST of the LOW facebook has ever gone....I will remember this forever....I won't spend $1 to benefit FACEBOOK EVER again. I also was a very active commentator as an expert in various subjects and usually had huge liked and followings, now that they tried to do this childish 'punishment' w me, in such an unjustified manner, I have already unfollowed every single news channel and have moved all of my commenting activities to Reddit, Quora and Yourtube...FACEBOOK can get F***ED. I definitely wasn't some average person and my comments and responses generated lots of traffic to their stupid news articles in all sorts of topics.

    This will backfire! The more people like me they piss off, the more they'llcreate a pasturised PC braindead media full of yes mams and average idiots and this is exactly what FASCISTS hope to accomplish.

    Congratulations FACEBOOK.

    How LOW OF YOU.

  14. My account has been placed on disabled. Someone reported me as spam. My account has been locked for 2 weeks. When will I get my account back

  15. I was blocked for posting the words "she needs to be shot" talking about killary Clinton and I have a temporary block for three days I can use the like , share, or comments I will find a different social media to be in