30 December 2023

What are Digital Payments – 7 Surprising Benefits of Digital Payments

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Over the years, the importance of cash has seen a dent. Not in terms of value but utility. More andmore people have adopted the digital payment method. As the world shifted towards onlinebusinesses, online payments bloomed with it.

However, online payments didn’t take over the world in an instant. People took ample time to getused to it. Now, almost anything can be paid online via digital mediums.

So, the question arises what is a digital payment? What are its advantages? How can it benefit us?To find these answers, we’ve gathered here. This article is focused on discussing the phenomenon ofdigital payments. So, without further delay, let’s explore what digital payments offer:

What is a Digital Payment?

In digital payments, a person sends money via digital means i.e. using a cell phone. The channelthrough which money is sent is digital as well. Payments made through banking applications, mobilemoney, QR codes, or credit, debit, and prepaid cards are all digital payments.

However, digital payments are further divided into three segments:

  • Partially digital
  • Primarily digital
  • Fully digital

A partial digital payment includes the transfer of cash from the payee to a third-party agent. Then,the agent sends the amount digitally to another agent, who then gives the amount in the form ofcash to the payer.

In a primarily digital payment, the payer transfers the money online. At the receiving end, the payeereceives the amount from the digital agent or in the digital wallet.

In fully digital payment, the amount sent and received is done digitally. Moreover, the amountreceived is also spent digitally.

So, with various methods involved, there are many ways to make digital payments. Also, mostpayment methods are digital which we may not know of. Taking a step ahead, we now look at theadvantages of digital payments.

Advantages of Digital Payment:

1. Convenient:

Humans crave convenience. We want everything to be at our fingertips. Digital paymentsassist us with convenience. Carrying a lot of cash can be troublesome. Also, a great risk isattached to it in case of theft.

However, digital payments reduce the risks involved with cash. With digital payments, youcan make payments without any hassle. There’s no limit to area or region. Also, you cansend and receive money without worrying about time.

2. Online Services:

Many services that we need are offered online. Without any worry, we can avail of thoseservices and products. However, the pressing issue is related to safe payment. Almost allvendors accept digital payments. You can send payments directly to their accounts usingmultiple digital mediums.

However, a stable internet connection is a must to make digital payments. As digitalpayments are all about sending money via online channels, it might not work without aseamless connection. So, we recommend a connection like Optimum.

The plus point of Optimum is that it allows customers to pay bills digitally. So, withOptimum, you can kill two birds with a stone. Along with exceptional connection, you don'thave to step out to pay bills. To avail of their services, you can visit Optimum’s website.

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3. Safe and Secure:

Gone are the days when business payments were delayed. Digital payments are the newtrend. With cash, there’s a lot of tension involved. For example, you have to be vigilant whilecarrying it. Also, it feels like an unwanted burden as well.

However, digital payments don’t come with such drawbacks. Without a worry, you can makepayments worth millions of dollars. Moreover, security layers are involved to makepayments safe and transparent.

Safety is paramount in digital payments. Features like finger sensors and OTPs make theenvironment secure. So, even after your phone is stolen, the digital wallet will remain intact.

4. Instant Payments:

The key feature of digital payments is their speed. With cash payments, you have to visit thepayee. Then, you can hand over the money. But digital mediums remove any extra burden.

Even if sitting in a cave, you can still transfer money. The only prerequisite is a seamlessinternet connection. That’s how easy everything is with digital payments.

5. Reduced Transaction Cost:

Most governments encourage digital payments. The purpose behind this is to ensure thatpeople prefer this medium. Also, many governments waive transaction costs. Along withreduced costs, people benefit via tax reduction as well.

For example, if a cheque costs $5 as a processing fee, the same amount, if sent or receiveddigitally would be free. Also, as discussed above, making digital payments is fast and secure.

So, there are no downsides to using digital payments.

6. Increased Sales:

From a business perspective, digital payments are a boon. Digital payments allow businessesto connect with far-fetched customers. Digital payments make it easy for brands to operate.

They can receive payments online from distant customers. This way, businesses can scalewithout worrying about the payments.

7. Additional Benefits:

Some digital wallet benefits customers with cashback and redeem points. For example,customers can get some amount back on specific transactions. Moreover, they can also earnpoints to spend on different items.

Such benefits are untraceable while dealing in cash. So, that’s an additional point of usingdigital payments.

Bottom Line:

Digital payments have transformed the money. It has surely made our lives easy. The main benefit ofdigital payments is the convenience that comes with it. With time, digital payments may altogether replace the hard money.

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