22 April 2022

What is CPS? How to Measure and Improve CPS Rate

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ClicksPerSecond, or CPS, is a measurement of mouse click rate over some time. The CPS test is a straightforward and enjoyable exercise that can help you improve your clicking speed. The counter begins from the initial click to the remaining game time when the test starts.

Tips to Improve You Clicks Per Second Rate

CPS testing is entertaining, but it's also a fantastic method to increase your clicking speed in your favorite games. An example of such a game is Minecraft, where click speed is crucial. Here are a few suggestions for enhancing clicks per second rate. 

Click Practice

Everyone familiar with the digital world is accustomed to clicking on computers. Gaming isn't the only time you need to click aggressively when you are using a computer. Although it may appear challenging, boosting your CPR rate is possible. For example, one-second click quizzes might help you evaluate and enhance your abilities. You can take a CPS test and practice clicking to boost your efficiency. 

Make Use of a Mouse

Sometimes, you may not notice any progress no matter how hard you try or how much you practice clicking. If this happens, you should consider purchasing a new mouse, ideally a gaming mouse. This is because these devices were created specifically for difficult games and have a considerably faster response time than a conventional mouse. When playing laptop games, this is critical. Because the cursor does not represent the best finger location for most clicks, this is the case. 

Experiment with Different Clicking Methods

People all across the world are working on increasing their clicks per second. Trying different ways of clicking will help you know which way works best for you. Users should remember their objectives and seek to improve their performance. The more clicks per second you get, the less time it takes to attain the required goal. Explore all the styles you know and see what works for you.


Whether gaming is your hobby or you are a professional gamer, increasing your click speed will help improve your overall playing experience. Also, remember that practice makes perfect so give yourself time to grow.

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