5 November 2020

How to Find High Quality Suppliers on Alibaba

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If you want to start a small business, you will need two crucial things, a product and a supplier. While you can always brainstorm about the product and come to a calculated conclusion, the same might not be possible with a supplier. When we talk about suppliers, the first thing that comes to our mind is Alibaba.

Find high quality suppliers on Alibaba

Alibaba has made it relatively easy to seek out the right supplier today, but there are many drawbacks to the platform. First, since the platform is from one of the world's most populated and slightly questionable areas, there is a huge risk of fraud and counterfeits.

To avoid such instances, you must thoroughly research your suppliers before you invest in one without much experience. With an easy to use interface and an excellent search engine, Alibaba will eventually give you the supplier you are looking for.

Here is a brief guide to finding high quality suppliers on Alibaba:

To avoid getting scammed or cheated on the platform, you need to be thorough with the type of supplier you are looking for. Alibaba offers its clients four main types of suppliers, these are:
  1. Manufacturers - Found in abundance on Alibaba, manufacturers make their own products and sell them at affordable rates. However, the minimum order quantities are high because manufacturers usually sell to other suppliers.
  2. Wholesalers - Wholesalers are the second most popular type of supplier found on Alibaba. Here, wholesalers purchase products from manufacturers in bulk. Since they have the space to store them, wholesalers sell products for much cheaper rates, even if you are not looking to buy in bulk.
  3. Dropshippers - Dropshipping is a new and unique type of supplier. Here you have no volume purchasing, which means that you are purchasing one product at a time. Since it is not in bulk, products are not discounted.
  4. Importing agents - Importing agents are a little different compared to other suppliers. They do not have products stored, nor do they manufacture them; agents are mere middlemen, they bring customers and clients together for a fee and sometimes for free.
On Alibaba, you are shopping for a supplier, so avoid wasting too much time on the product. Instead, dedicate your time to verifying each supplier to have a better understanding of what your company could benefit from.

Below is the list of different categories of credible suppliers on the Alibaba platform:

1. Gold Supplier

A Gold Supplier is a premium supplier. This means that the supplier might have paid a small fee to get that gold status. Although the premium membership cannot guarantee legitimacy of the supplier, gold suppliers still have a reputation of delivering high quality products at affordable rates. Many gold suppliers have their own standards and strictly follow anti-counterfeit practices.

2. Assessed Supplier

Assessed suppliers are one of the best suppliers on the Alibaba platform. These suppliers are not only gold suppliers, they are also regularly inspected by third-party inspections companies from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. A good way to seek such suppliers out is to find the verified logo sign on the supplier's profile.

3. Alibaba Trade Assurance

Alibaba trade assurance is an anti-counterfeit policy that compensates for any losses or scams. Here you can claim a refund if you are not satisfied with the product, delivery, shipping or packing. Once Alibaba has reviewed your claim, they will most likely give you a complete refund. Always remember to state your terms before any sales agreement. This makes it easier for Alibaba to refund you.


Finding the perfect supplier is not at all easy, at least not without the right guidance or tools. Verify the supplier's background by checking their business license, company location, ownership, contact information and required certification. Ask for refund policies, anti-counterfeit agencies and even payment details.

With a little effort you can handpick one of the best suppliers in the world. Alibaba has made it possible to seek out a good supplier that provides high quality products at the cheapest rates.

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