6 April 2020

Instagram Ads Best Practices in 2020 for Maximum ROI

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With billion-plus users, half of whom log in daily and spend an average of 53 minutes, Instagram is one of the most visible digital platforms today. As a marketer, you should seriously consider optimizing ads on this platform as there is potential for high ROI compared to other platforms. Instagram ads are relatively easy to make and place, but it is also easy to go wrong and make ads that do not make an impact.

Instagram ads best practices

Facebook business recommends Instagram ads running 15 seconds which is a bit constricting in developing long storylines and narratives, which leaves many marketers scratching their heads. This leaves you to compensate with good design and captivating visuals. Observing some best practices will also ensure that your Instagram ads perform as desired.

#1 Design for mobile

Instagram is almost exclusively viewed on smartphones, which makes it imperative to design for these devices; Follow guidelines on file formats and screen aspect ratios. The Instagram ad maker allows you to export videos in different formats.
  • Keep ads under 15 seconds
  • Show your brand’s logo and name within 3 seconds
  • Use on-screen texts and captions to show your CTA

#2 Vertical videos

Using vertical video makes your ads appear native on many smartphones and blend in with the rest of Instagram content. This is because Instagram TV (IGTV) and Instagram Stories use 1080x1920 pixels video.

You should take advantage of the massively popular Instagram Stories. Make your content fit in with GIFs, stickers, and video content that feels like ‘behind-the-scenes.’

#3 Capitalize on user-generated content

Brand trustworthiness gets a massive boost from user-generated content (USG). These types of ads have higher conversion rates (avg 5.65%) than inhouse ad content (avg 2.16%). You can take some of the longer videos, and edit them for more appeal while retaining the original message.

#4 Engage quickly

You will be lucky to retain your viewers’ attention for more than 9 seconds. You have to establish your hook in the first 3 seconds. Use motion to visually engage the viewer, then interest them with humorous content. Use text overlays center and front, making it unmissable, to deliver your message. Add captions and subtitles to clarify your message.

#5 Have a clear CTA

Make a clear CTA depending on your intended goal. If you are promoting a product, for example, invite the viewer to visit your store’s product link. Test with a variety of CTAs to find the one that works best.

Instagram is hugely popular, especially with the millennial generation. Knowing how to optimize your ads on this platform can have huge returns for your brand awareness and other goals.

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