11 January 2019

What Is Mesh Wi-Fi and How Do Mesh Routers Work?

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Have you ever encountered Wi-Fi dead spots in your home? It can be very annoying. This happens when your WiFi network doesn't cover your entire house. This is why people are buying Mesh Router systems. They have become very popular lately, which makes sense. I mean, no one likes to have areas of their home where they can't watch Netflix or enjoy an online video game. You want your whole house to be ready and at your command. It can be especially annoying if that dead zone is in your room, because you can’t even watch TV shows in bed. The horror!

How do mesh routers work

However, the question that many people ask are "What is mesh Wi-Fi?" and "How is it different than a traditional Wi-Fi extender?" Those are both good questions. And we have the answers for you right here.

First, what is Mesh Wi-Fi?

You've probably heard of Wi-Fi extenders. They have been used for a while to solve Wi-Fi dead spots in homes. They basically repeat the signal, extending your router's range further into the home. With the introduction of mesh Wi-Fi systems, there's no need for extenders. Many users have been using Mesh Wi-Fi to solve the problem of Wi-Fi dead spots. With these routers, the extender is not needed at all.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems use two or more router-type devices that work together and this completely covers your home in Wi-Fi. It is essentially multiple Wi-Fi extenders beaming out a signal. The technology has been around for quite some time, but it was only recently introduced in a home mesh Wi-Fi system that we all can use. It solves network problems easily, so people are turning to them in great numbers. Another bonus is that setup is very easy and it doesn’t require multiple network names like other solutions. You simply have to plug it in follow the steps in an app. The simplicity is another big reason that it is so popular.

So How Does It Differ From Extenders?

People tend to think that Mesh Wi-Fi routers work in conjunction with your current router, as extenders do. That's not true. They actually replace your old setup, creating an entirely new Wi-Fi network. Changing settings is also easy. If you've ever needed to manage your Wi-Fi network on regular routers you know that it can be tricky. With your Mesh Wi-Fi network, it's all a breeze. You can do it all through a smartphone app, without any need to enter a special admin area. This makes it much easier to change settings. Mesh networking also allows multiple units to work together in any sequence.

Mesh router


Mesh Wi-Fi systems are much more expensive than traditional Wi-Fi extenders, but again, it replaces your system. When you consider the ease of use and the coverage it is well worth it.

They Do Lack Some Features

Currently, most mesh systems do not have all the advanced features that plain wireless routers have. Although the best mesh routers have their own unique features like restricted access, parental controls, and content filtering. So for those who simply want a reliable network and don't need to tinker around with extra features Mesh is the way to go.

The bottom line is that Mesh systems are powerful, reliable and easy and that's why people love them. Best of all there won't be any dead zones in the home so you can Netflix and chill without fear or go from room to room with your music without missing a beat.

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