16 August 2017

How to Snoop on Child's Phone Using Android Spyware Apps

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The world of technology is drastically shifting from big screens to the smaller ones. Prior to 2008, parents would worry about their children watching television and listening to music but the influx of small-screened gadgets has converged their woes to a different point.

Snoop Child's Phone Using Spyware Apps

Recently, the Common Sense Media reported a considerable explosion in the use of smartphone and tablets by children. The use of these handheld devices has gone up to 75% from 50% in recent years. Moreover, the average daily screen time in 2013 was reported 2 hours a day which has increased multifold in recent years to whopping 9 hours.

The same study reports that by the age of 8, 96% of children have already watched TV, 90% have used a computer, 81% have played console video games, and 60% have played games or used apps on a portable device (smartphone or tablet). Interestingly, the child’s use of apps is also increasing and for this, we believe you need to track what they do.

The spyware apps for android are a good tool to track your child’s engagement on various games and apps. XNSPY blocks the unwanted apps and at the same time work as a reliable secret monitoring app for Android and iPhone. The stealth mode in iOS is undetectable and never busts any suspicious activity ever.

The reason why you definitely need spyware apps for android to block apps on child’s device is their ability to work as fully-functional tracker also.

What is App Blocking?

It enables you to block the unwanted apps remotely on the target device restricting the device user from accessing them.

Block Apps Using XNSPY

The App Blocking option is enabled by default as soon as you install the app on Android. Also, both the jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions of Xnspy support this feature on iOS. All you need is to hit Settings on the dashboard. The landing page displays a menu on the side bar with the option of Installed apps. Choose it and here you will see a list of apps under the use of device holder.

Details of the app -
  1. The name of the app appears on the left with the other details on the right along with App Blocking option.
  2. Before blocking you can see when the app was put to use with the date and time of download on right.
  3. In the case, you update an app, it appears in the list with the latest version. The time and date of the update are also updated in the list along with.

How to block an Android app

  • In order to activate restriction for the selected app, hit the Block button and you have successfully blocked the app.
  • You have to Block each app separately, if you want to restrict all apps.
Now the device holder or any person using it cannot access the application. You can lift the restriction manually whenever you want to give the user access to the app again.

How Spyware apps helps you monitor the phone

Tracking Instant Messaging apps

Popular instant messaging apps like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp etc., are common in children for chats, calls, and sharing photos. Xnspy spyware apps for Android will help you to monitor their activities.

Also as a secret monitoring app for iPhone, it will help you to track instant messaging apps without jailbreaking the iOS device.

Here is the list of tasks it can do.
  • Monitor the messages covertly.
  • Read incoming/outgoing messages of messaging app.
  • See the full log of the voice calls in the messaging app.
  • Take screenshots of messaging app’s chats and messages.
  • View date and time stamp of each chat thread.
  • View photos sent or received on messaging apps.
This will aid you to block these apps if you see any malicious activity and blotched content being shared through instant messaging.

Restricting Dating apps

These apps are very common in teens especially the ones who are new to teenage. At 12, the children start learning the use of sex talk, sexting and dating. Similar to this, there are many apps which propagate these ideations. Dating app should be monitored and the only way to limit your children’s access to such apps is App Blocking.

Xnspy will help you to remotely track these apps via app blocking feature and restrict your child activities on them.

Remote Control and Monitor Apps

Blocking the Games

Children are now more into playing games online than planning a soccer match with friends. This has increased the average screen time multi-fold. If you find your child or teen addicted to games, use app blocking option, and put these away from their eyes for a while. This will help to improve both academics and health.

App blocking is a blessing for the parents who rarely find time watching over their children activities.

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