1 June 2016

10+ Tips to Charge Your Android Phone Faster Than Ever Before

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It happens many times, you are almost ready to leave the house and suddenly remember that the phone battery is very low. I don't know why this happen to me when I need my phone the most. You might be facing the same problem. Well this could be the problem with every user. Smartphones battery drain very fast. In my previous article, I had already discussed on how to save Android battery life. Those simple tips can be a life saving for you.

Charge Android Phone Faster

But what to do when its emergency and you need to charge your phone immediately? Android batteries usually take 2-3 hours to get completely charged. Charging it for few minutes will hardly rise its 1 or 2% only. So below I had shared few essential tips which can boost up the charging speed of your Android phone.

1. Switch off the phone

Power off

Turning off the phone can be a good solution to speed up the charging process. The reason is very simple. When the phone is switched off, there will be no battery usage by the screen, apps, Internet and other things. In other words, no discharging will take place and thus no extra battery power will be dissipated.

What I had observed is that, when the phone is off, charging speed will increase by 50% least which means that your phone will be charged completely in less than half the usual time it takes. Another benefit is that, your phone will not overheat while charging. This keeps your phone battery healthy, safe and long-lasting.

2. Use Airplane mode

Use airplane mode

If you don't want to switch off your phone, use Airplane mode instead. Many of you already know about this feature. Airplane mode simply turn off all wireless transmission functions like Wi-Fi, hotspot, bluetooth, GPS and cellular. In airplane mode, you won't receive any calls, messages and other online notifications. Moreover, you can't access Internet.

Remember that, saving battery life at the time of charging will boost up the charging speed. These functions are the main culprit to reduce battery life. Android device occasionally check for Wi-Fi, cellular and bluetooth signals (if these features are turned on). Moreover, If signals are low, device will try more hard to get good input which will consume more energy. While in airplane mode, your phone will stop communicating with other devices and towers.

3. Avoid USB charging

The average amp input required by most of the Android devices is around 1 amp only, which will charge the battery at normal rate. Many people charge their phone by connecting it with laptop. There are three types of USB ports available at present which are 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The amp output of 1.0 and 2.0 USB port is less than 1 amp which charge at very slow rate while it's little more for 3.0 USB port.

Experiment shows that the charging with USB is quite slow in comparison with the direct wall charging. This is because, the power supply by the wall chargers is much higher than the USB ports and thus battery get charged more faster. Also, you shouldn't use wireless charging when you're in hurry because it also supply less power.

4. Stop useless things

You should turn off all useless things like Wi-Fi, mobile data, NFC, location, bluetooth, GPS and hotspot when they aren't in use. I had seen many people who keep their mobile data turned on every time. All these things are used to send and receive signals which are the worst battery enemy.

Playing games and watching videos are another things which you should avoid. This not only slow down the charging speed but also overheats your phone. You can also decrease the screen brightness to save little battery life. Don't use flashlight and camera for a long time.

5. Don't use your phone while charging

If you're one of those people who always use their phone while charging then, please stop doing this. Turning on the screen every 30 second to check new notification will drain phone battery. Just leave it and let it charge only. Some apps will still work in background even when your phone is locked. They are wasting battery life for no reason.

To solve this problem, you can uninstall all those apps which are no longer in use. I usually check my phone to find such useless applications and uninstall them to free up the memory space. Facebook, Instagram, Flipkart and other news apps are the main culprit. They are wasting battery and using unnecessary data in background. It's better to access their website directly from your primary browser instead of using their app.

6. Use original charger only

If your smartphone charging speed is too slow, it may be due to its faulty charger. Faulty charger not only supply less power to the battery but also make its life shorter. Never use local chinese chargers to charge your device, even using a different company isn't good. You should use same model and same brand charger only which comes packed with the phone. Now Android phones get hanged when a local charger is plugged into them. If you think that your charger is faulty, replace it (if it's in guarantee) or get a new one.

7. Get a new battery or power bank

As like charger, your battery can also be a faulty and it may take more than usual time to get completely charged. After a long use, the internal resistance of battery is increased and due to which, more energy is consumed to overcome this resistance. This increases the discharging and thus, slow down the charging process.

If your battery is thick or bulged from the middle part, immediately replace it with new one otherwise, it may explode anytime also causing damage to your body and surrounding. You should test it on service center to check whether it is fine or not. You can also buy power banks (which will cost you few dollars only) to get instant access to charging anytime and anywhere.

Few more tips

Here are few more useful tips you should know -

  • Use battery saver mode: Android Lollipop version has an inbuilt feature to save battery life. This feature is named as battery saver mode. If you've a Sony device, you can use stamina mode as well.
  • Use safe mode: You can reboot your Android phone in safe mode which will disable all third-party apps and widgets.
  • Don't overcharge: Overcharging will gradually decrease the charging speed over time. The reason is very simple. Although lithium ion batteries can't be overcharged but they get overheated which reduces their lifespan.
  • Put it in cool place: Putting your Android device in cool place is good to reduce its temperature and thus it will be charged at more faster rate.
  • Use third-party apps: There are plenty of apps available on Google Play Store which can kill unnecessary tasks and force stop all those apps automatically which are working in background. Such apps also claim to boost charging speed. Good example is Clean Master.

    Speed up charging with Clean Master
By following these simple tips, you can easily charge your Android phone pretty much faster than normal rate. If I had missed something, share it in the comments. How do you speed up the charging process?

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