24 December 2015

Why Do People Hate Samsung Android Smartphones - 5 Reasons

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Samsung is one of the leading company in this world and mostly in India. It provide number of electronic products from laptops to mobile phones and televisions. Out of these things, mobile phones are most popular. It has variety of phones in every budget range. If I talk about android, then you can buy number of Samsung smartphones starting from 3000 to 20k+ range.

Why I Hate Samsung Android Phones - 5 Reasons

It's obvious that company or brand name is everything. If a company has better brand reputation, people are more likely to use its product as trust is added next to their name. Samsung is also a big brand and has trusted users but this case hold bad in android phone cases.

Most of the people hate Samsung android phones and even I am one of them. No! No! No! I am not saying that every mobile is bad and not to buy any of their product but as much as I know, people complain number of things about them and this is killing its big market sale. If you're trying to buy a new Samsung android device then must read this article to find out what problems they cause. Below I had listed all of them -

1. Short Battery Life

Although battery life depends on number of factors like app battery usage, screen lightning ( dark or light colors ) , brightness level etc., but the most percent lies in the type of battery and its power ( more technical, mAh or milliampere-hour ). Comparing to other smartphones, Samsung has short battery life which means that it drain faster than normal and as its use increases time to time, the battery health life decreases inversely. I had already posted an article on how to improve battery life. So better read it first and improve your performance by 70% least.

2. Hang Problem

Oh! No. This is the main reason why people hate them. Imagine if you have 500 MB or less than 1GB RAM device. As you continue to use it for a long period of time, a lot of cached data is stored in its RAM which will ultimately result into slow down in speed or performance. Wrapping up this, we can say that RAM is directly related to the performance. As Samsung also provide such mobile phones in low prices, people are attracted towards them and finally they complain about this hang problem. So basically it's not a fault of Samsung. In this situation, you can opt of other cheap and affordable alternatives like Micromax which will cost you same but are better in their RAM performance. If you're facing this hang problem in your android device, you can boost up the speed by clearing its cached data. To do so, follow these steps -
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now open "storage" option.
  3. Here you'll find "Cached data". Click on it and a pop-up box will appear.
  4. Select "OK" Button to clear all data and finally it will free up your RAM. This will also increase your memory space.
For more tips, please read: Top 10 Android tricks and tips

3. Low Resale Value

It's obvious that product value decreases after its use and even after a day you bought it but comparing to other big brands like Sony and iPhone, Samsung has very low resale value. So this is another negative impact on users especially to those who frequently change their mobile time to time.

To clearly explain this more, Imagine if you have three mobiles. One of Samsung with more than 25k+ cost and other two as Sony Xperia Z1 and iPhone 5 with same budget range. Now If you want to sell all these mobile to me then which will be charged more. No doubt, it is iPhone which has highest resale value and then Sony and at last Samsung. So why to buy a product which has very low resale value?

4. No Social Value

Samsung android phones are just normal and they don't have that much respect or craze in society. For same budget range, people are more excited to use iPhone and Sony devices. Now let me ask you one question. What if you bought a new costly phone and people still think that it's just a normal piece. So do you want to waste your money on such products. Definitely not and in this case, you can opt for other available options.

5. Frequent Updates In Model

It is Samsung who bring fastest updates in their phone series. It launch new models each week. Although it's a good things but this all will confuse customers to find their perfect choice and what if you recently bought a latest model and within few week, it launch another updated model?

Indirectly, this will decrease your phone social value and as a result of which, its resale value will decrease. Now If I again compare this situation with iPhone and Sony than their social value remains same even after a new update.

So these are some of my personal views on why people hate Samsung android smartphones and few of which are truly assumptions. Finally if you have any questions regarding this topic, please let me know in below comment box. What other factors did you find and is their any counter point you want to discuss. Let me know. Love and blessings :)

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