9 August 2015

Keep Watch On Your Friends/Kids Activity On Facebook Anonymously

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This post will introduce you with the way on how to keep watch on your friends or family members activity on Facebook. Almost all of your friends and family members are on Facebook and yeah I am pretty sure about it. Facebook is number one social media now a days standing in competition with twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin.

Keep Watch On Your Friends/Kids Activity On Facebook Anonymously using facebook lists

Well as a parent, Many people are in doubt about what their children are doing on Facebook. But It’s not possible to keep with them all time. Their isn’t any way to check their activity On Time but yeah now Facebook has introduce a new Feature called Facebook lists.

What Are Facebook Lists ?

I think List Isn’t a New name to you. Simply A list is a  categorized way in which data is managed or written. Facebook List are way to organize your friends. They store all the data of particular users about what Pages He Is liking, whom he is sending requests, which post he is commenting and much more. Facebook lists costs zero and you can make as many you want. You can add any of your friends, following, pages in your lists.

Facebook lists can be private or public. Private lists are hidden from other users whereas public lists are available to everyone and anyone can follow them.

One more amazing feature of these facebook lists are they give profile followers. Yeah ! Is this Sounds Cool ? . This is only possible if you have facebook list with followers more than 100 But first you should add yourself in list.

How To Make Facebook List ?

1. Login To your Facebook account and move to


2. Click on create new list

Create Facebook List

3. Now choose your friends whom activity you want to trace

Choose your friends whom activity you want to trace on facebook

4. Click Next And Name your list as “Keep Tracing” or any name you want And choose the visibility of your list. By default, it is public.

Final step to create facebook list

5. Click done and you had successfully created a list.

How To Modify Facebook List ?

If you want to add more friends in your list later, don’t make a new one. You can add multiple members in a single list. Just go back to your list that you created earlier and click on “Manage List” button.. A drop Down box will appear. Choose “Edit List” option and modify as you want.

Manage Facebook List

How To Delete Facebook List ?

Deleting list isn’t a hard task. You just need to press 2 to 4 buttons and your list will be deleted.

First of all head over to the list you want to delete and open it. Now click “Manage list” button. A drop down box will appear. Choose “delete list” option and you have done it.

Final Words

So this is all about on how to trace facebook friend activity. It will take few hours for facebook to update your list with new activities so wait and whenever its done, go to your list link and check out your friend/kids activity anonymously.

If you like this tutorial please comment below and appreciate our work. Happy Day !

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