30 July 2022

Newor Media Review 2022: Increase Your AdSense Earnings

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Bloggers looking to scale their earnings may have a tough time considering how saturated the market is. Although ads remain one of the most passive and lucrative ways to earn revenue, getting a hefty chunk of the ad spend pie can be challenging. Today, publishers need more than automatic buying and selling to boost their earnings, making a platform like Google AdSense outdated. 

Newor Media - Best Ad Management

Publishers who want to earn more need more benefits, optimization, and partners—which explains the bump in AdSense alternative companies springing up. One such platform? 

Newor Media. 

What is Newor Media?

Newor Media is a certified, full-service ad management platform that utilizes header bidding —  the advanced programmatic technique of auctioning ad units to several ad networks simultaneously. 

The platform offers increased competition, Google partnership along with 30+ premium networks, and services a wide array of high-performing ad units. They provide their publishers with the balance of quality ads and optimal experience for their users. 

How Can Newor Media Increase AdSense Earnings?

Time to discuss just how Newor Media can significantly improve your AdSense earnings. 

Increased ad rates

Since AdSense uses an ad ranking system, the highest bidders aren’t always the ones who win bids. Once all bids for a particular ad space have been processed, AdSense uses its ranking system to then determine winners. As a result, bloggers are getting short-changed.

On the other side, Newor guarantees the highest bid rate by creating fair auctions. Newor’s publishers get access to Google’s AdSense and AdX networks, over 30+ premium partnerships, and some of the highest industry rates through increased competition via programmatic bidding. Some publishers see a 50-200% boost in earnings thanks to Newor’s system. 

Dynamic solutions

By staying up-to-date with the changing industry landscape, Newor Media stays a step ahead with best practices and trends to ensure their publishers’ ad strategies are functioning at their best. In addition, they embrace tech innovation and stay tuned in to their publishers’ sites to ensure earnings are continuously scaled. 

Proper optimization

Some publishers are so eager to begin the process of monetization that they opt for quantity over quality in ads. Newor Media helps maximize revenue by optimizing the ads on a page through increasing viewability and engagement, rather than simply increasing the number displayed.  This provides better page load speed and enhances user experience instead of creating sites that appear oversaturated and slow.  

It’s common for publishers to think unique content and placements are the formulas for success instead of accounting for areas that damage revenue — like slow page loads and poor mobile responsiveness. 

Who is Newor Media Good for?

Newor Media is perfect for any users seeking to improve their website performance and ad yield. The following are some key ways the platform proves to be a valuable tool: 

  • An AdSense alternative: Though AdSense remains a popular choice in the industry, Newor is a credible alternative providing scalability for users to grow beyond their current AdSense earnings. 
  • Header bidding: Unlike most networks, Newor takes advantage of header bidding technology to drive demand and allow publishers to maximize their rates — both across their stack and outside networks publishers wish to use. 
  • Maximized ad earnings: A combination of proprietary technology and human oversight produces a balanced experience — one great for ad performance and user experience. Publishers seeking minimal effort to maximize their ad revenue need look no further. 
  • Pay-per-impression: Switching from the current structure of cost-per-action or affiliate marketing models may be a benefit for some publishers. This model takes advantage of pays per viewability rather than relying on singular, direct actions.
  • Transparency: Newor provides a user-friendly dashboard with reporting features and analytics that make it great for anyone seeking greater transparency in the bidding process. 

Newor Media Pros and Cons

Regardless of your ad management platform, it’s important to remember that all come with unique advantages and limitations — Newor is no exception! 


  • Access to Google Ad Exchange: Publishers have unique access to Google’s more exclusive ad exchange and its over 30+ premium partners for ad unit auctioning. 
  • Customer support: Even with Newor’s commitment to tech innovation, they still provide publishers with dedicated account reps. These representatives offer support for everything from payment to strategy implementation. 
  • Insightful reporting & analytics dashboard: They supply publishers with up-to-date, in-depth reporting via their user-friendly reporting dashboard. 
  • Payment guarantee: Newor operates on a NET30 payment model with a low payment threshold. They offer timely payouts via PayPal, Payoneer, and even wire transfers. Best of all, publishers receive what they’re owed — even in the face of clawbacks. 


  • Ad limits: Newor offers a maximum of 6 ad placements to keep the user experience at the forefront. This may not meet the desired quantity for some publishers.
  • Payment model: For publishers accustomed to operating under “paid per click” (CPC) or “action” (CPA) models, they may not find Newor’s cost-per-impression (CPM) revenue model to be as lucrative. 

Starting with Newor Media

Newor Media offers a straightforward sign-up process and an accessible set of starting criteria compared to similar competitors. Before beginning the process of joining, publishers should make sure they meet the following:

  • Have at least 30,000 unique monthly users
  • Websites should primarily be in English
  • The vast majority of traffic should come from the US
  • No illegal or borderline content should be featured on the site (gambling, drugs, weapons, sexual content, etc.) 


With all the time, effort, and expense you put into creating and maintaining a high-quality website, you should aim to reap the highest possible earnings. You can do that with the right partner. Check out Newor Media’s free online earnings calculator to gauge how much you could make with them. 

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