17 October 2017

Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

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Not long ago, there was a time when people bought themselves voice recorders for their daily needs. Also said to be one of the most effective weapons of a journalist, voice recorders have now given way to voice recording apps and effectively so. No need to carry an extra gadget with you when you can just get your recording done via a small app on your iPhone. The iOS market today is flooded with a different kind of voice recording apps, each one more superior than the last. In this increasingly growing herd of apps, there surely is a dilemma to choose an app that best suits your needs.

Here we present you 10 best voice recording apps for iPhone that can help you with all your voice recording woes:

1. iTalk Recorder

A simple user interface, iTalk provides with an auto-rotating feature that can be tilted to 180 degrees to avoid any kind of obstruction to the microphone. One has the option of choosing between three levels of recording quality in the iTalk Recorder. The standard version of the iTalk version stands relatively unobtrusive even with the ads while the ad-free version comes at a small cost with a host of superior features.

2. Just Press Record

The Just Press Record is an offering by Open Planet Software providing a basic user interface with a big red microphone coming at your service to help you record. Now, this may feel like another ordinary voice recording app but Just Press Record comes with two unique ideas. The first being the use of iCloud storage and the second being the transcribing feature within the app.

3. Music Memos

As the name suggests, the Music Memos app is a specialist recording app made for artists and musicians. The top right side of the app provides access to a digital tuner for the user to help tune your voice or your guitar. The app also allows the option of transcribing along with the option of putting some backing music and bass.

4. Tape A Call Pro

Tape A Call is a quality recording program that lets you record and tape your calls to save mp3’s on the app. With a simple interface at play, the app functions hand in hand with your iPhone and starts with a red button to tape your calls which stays synced to Tape A Call Pro’s server. If you are someone who does a lot of recording, getting their annual subscription is a good bargain which provides you with unlimited recording and cloud storage facility.

5. HT Professional recorder

The HT Professional Recorder is a great app to record conferences, lectures and business meetings directly on the phone. The app makes it possible to record conversations throughout a large room and has a built-in feature wherein the recorder automatically skips silence. Your recordings can be e-mailed as attachments with a bookmarking system that makes it easy to replay important moments.

6. Quick Voice 2 Text Email (Pro Recorder)

Apart from functioning as a normal voice recording app, the Quick Voice 2 Text Email (Pro Recorder) app which allows “Text Emails” using just voice and without the need for typing. The app also has a built-in ringtone recording feature that allows the user to produce high-quality ringtones without having the need to shell out any extra money.

7. Quick Voice Recorder

The Quick Voice Recorder comes with a host of different functions ranging from one-touch recording, voice reminder notes, ringtone recording feature, auto file naming with optional renaming etc. The best part about the Quick Voice Recorder is that fact that unlike similar apps, the user is allowed to use as much storage capacity as their phone can hold. This means that you can even go on to record entire seminars provided you have the necessary internal space to do so.

8. Ferrite Recording Studio

At first glance, the Ferrite Recording Studio might look a bit like a cross between “Voice Memos” app that is present in all iPhones and “Just Press Record” but it is strides ahead with its functionality. There is a bookmark button which can be used to flag important points in the recording. The app also distinguishes itself with an import function that lets you import multiple recordings on three separate tracks, use the trim, copy and paste function along with adjusting volume settings as per your preferences.

9. Notability

The Notability app is another unique offering that acts a flexible toolset to allow users to not only record but also help highlight important details, embed pictures and add self-styled texts. The app has been designed with an idea of recording voices while helping in make notes simultaneously.

10. Multitrack DAW

The Multitrack DAW App helps turn your phone into a digital audio workstation. One can build songs like a professional recording studio with monitoring and overdubbing capabilities. The main operational screen of the app follows a straightforward conventional format with a vertical arrangement of tracks and a horizontal timeline for easy usage. The interface also is easy to record multitrack audio recordings.

So there we have the 10 best voice recorder apps for iPhone that’s ruling the fray in 2017.

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