16 January 2017

How to Type Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp

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There is no doubt in fact that WhatsApp is one of the most popular and even most loved messaging apps. It is a great platform to chat with your friends and family members. Now you can also make voice and video calls on this app. With every new update, WhatsApp is loaded with so many new features.

Type bold, italic & strikethrough text in WhatsApp

You might be using WhatsApp from a long time but still there are many things you don't know about this amazing app. For example, you can use bold, italic and strikethrough text in chat messages. Here I will guide how to type these stylish fonts in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

How to type bold, italic & strikethrough text in WhatsApp

Bold, italic and strikethrough fonts can be used to highlight important text in a message which will eventually grab more reader's attention. You can use them while creating your own viral content. Here's how to type these bold, italic and strikethrough text -
  1. First launch the WhatsApp app in your phone and open any chat to whom you would like to send a message.
  2. Now if you want to type in bold letters, simply add asterisk "*" symbol before and after the text you want to make bold. For example, *Hello, this is bold text*

    use asterisk to add bold text

  3. In order to write in italic style, you have to add underscore "_" symbol before and after the text and WhatsApp will automatically change it to italic. For example, _Hello, this is italic text_
  4. Similarly you can type strikethrough text in WhatsApp chat messages by adding tilde "~" symbol before and after the text as shown in the below picture.

    Use tilde to add strikethrough in WhatsApp

    Note: Strikethrough is a typographical representation of words with a horizontal line passing through their centre. It is usually used when you want to edit what you've written earlier, without removing the original text.
  5. Once you have typed your message, just click the Send button and that's it.

How to use other stylish fonts in WhatsApp

By default, WhatsApp comes up with these three fonts only but you can also use other stylish fonts by using third-party online tools. You will find so many websites on Google by searching keywords such as stylish, font, text, generator etc.,

On these websites, you just have type the text in the given field and then select the desired font you want to use. After that, copy the generated text and paste it in the WhatsApp chat box. That's it. If you would like to ask something about this tutorial, fell free to share it in the comments below.

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