28 September 2016

How to Record a Video of Your Phone Screen on Android

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You have probably found yourself wondering how to record your phone screen on Android. Well this can be useful in many ways. Consider a typical scenario in which you are facing a problem in your Android phone. By creating a video, you can directly send or mail it to your friend or someone else who can help you to troubleshoot the problem. If you are a YouTuber, you can also upload those videos on your channel and get some handsome views.

We have a number of software and tools to record screen on Windows operating system. In the same way, there are a couple of third-party apps available on Google Play Store for free which lets you record your screen on Android and good thing is that, you don't have to root your phone. Here I am reviewing two of the best screen recorder apps which you must try at least once.

Screen Recorder app

This is so far the best screen recorder app I have ever used. Screen Recorder is now one of the most downloaded app in its category with over 10 Million downloads. Let's how a look at its features -
  • Record high-resolution videos
  • Show touch indicator while recording
  • Record sound with video
  • Face camera feature available
  • Trim videos (Free)
  • Create GIF (Free)
  • While recording, you can draw anything on screen.
This app comes as a surprise to me that most of its features are free. Once you have installed this app, launch it and then tap the recording icon to start recording your phone's screen. If you want to draw something, pull down the notification tab and click "Draw" button. You can also enable face camera and stop recording any time.

All recorded videos will be saved in your phone's internal memory and there are in mp4 format. You can directly play them from Gallery or any other media app like MX Player. One thing you may hate about this app is that, it will display a promotional banner at the starting of video.

To remove it, either trim that portion of video or upgrade to pro version. In app settings, you can customize a number of things like video quality, resolution, bit-rate, audio quality, frame rate and face cam settings.


AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is another best and popular screen recorder app. It can record high-resolution videos of any size and length. Following are some of the features of this app -
  • Quick access from the notification tab.
  • HD video recording (with audio) and screenshots.
  • Edit videos - Trim, crop and edit audio. Furthermore, you can add text & stickers.
  • Convert a video to GIF (Pro).
  • Add a logo and text while recording a video.
  • Above all, there is no watermark.
You can install AZ Screen Recorder app from Google Play Store. It's absolutely free but contains in-app purchase charges. To record your first video, follow these step-by-step guide -
  1. First launch the AZ Screen Recorder app.
  2. Now tap the recording icon or scroll down the notification tab and then click Record button.

    AZ Screen Recorder app

  3. After this, a pop up box will appear as shown in below picture. Check mark the "Don't show again" button and click Start Now.

    Start recording

  4. Now record your phone screen and once you have finished, pull down the notification tab and click stop button to save the video.

    Recording controls
While recording, make sure that your email address, password, chat and other private details are not visible. In order to edit a video, you have to install another plugin for AZ Screen Recorder app. While some other features such as GIF converter, on-screen drawing, trim/crop, facecam and magic button are available in pro version only, for which you to pay some bucks. Here are few more things you can customize in this app's settings.

Video & Audio Configuration
  • Change screen resolution - Default resolution is 1280X720. You can increase resolution upto 1920X1080 or set custom aspect ratio according to your phone's screen size. To customize these video resolution, first launch the app and tap settings (or gear) icon. Under video configuration section, click "Resolution" and select the appropriate choice.
  • Change frame and bit-rate - You can adjust the video frame between 24-60 FPS (stands for Frame Per Second). Furthermore, you can change the bit-rate from 1MBPS to 12MBPS.
  • Record audio - While recording video, you can also record your voice via microphone. To enable this option, again go to settings and switch on the Record Audio button under audio configuration section.
  • Add text and logo - As already mentioned in the features, you can add on-screen text and logo overlay while creating a video.
  • Show visual feedback for touches. There are a couple of other settings available but unfortunately, they are in pro version only.
These are some of the best screen recorder apps for Android and I would definitely recommend you to use them. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the below comment box.

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