17 January 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Lite Android App

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To provide better user experience, Facebook has separate version for each platform. (more technically, different version for mobile and desktop). However if you're on mobile platform then you can also use apps to get instant access to your account. But do you think that Facebook android app is a good choice?

Facebook Lite App Features

While developing any software application, it is very important to keep user experience and performance in balance. This is where Facebook android application lacks. It emphasis more on user experience rather than keeping it balanced with performance and that's why it suck most of the battery life and mobile data.

Recently Facebook has developed another app for android platform named as "Facebook lite". As the name itself speak, lite mean something lightweight. Here it refers to the application size and less mobile data usage. So Indirectly they are claiming to give us better user experience along with performance. Now the question is, does switching to Facebook lite app makes sense?

To answer this question, have a look at the salient feature of this application.

1. Less Than 1 MB Size

Can you imagine an android app with less than 1 MB size and that too for a social networking? This question sounds funny but the truth is, Facebook lite app has 0.5 MB size. Yeah! You read that correct - 0.5.

This means that you don't need to have any huge space in your device to install it. Even after installing, it's just a 2-3 MB in size. Now if I compare this case with the original app then it has 30+ MB size of apk and occupy more than 135 MB space after installing. Its a 2 digit difference. I think it is clear for you that which one to choose.

2. Low Cache Data

Cache data refers to the application data which is used to enhance app speed and performance. Whenever you'll access any app, cache files are used to load the page instead of downloading it again. So ultimately this will help to improve speed and save your net data. However, along with these advantages, cached data have some negative effects also. For example, It will increase your system memory which may cause hang problem. So it is very important to delete these cached files time to time.

Now if I talk about Facebook lite app, then it was already customized to create very few cached files. You can also check it by going to the App info section.

Okay! Do one experiment here. Go and use Facebook default app for few days and then compare its cached data with the Lite app for the same period of time.

3. Less Mobile Data Usage

Undoubtedly, it is the worst thing when we recharge our phone and it get damped within few days. The most part of our internet is sucked by app and in this long list, Facebook is marked as one of the major data killer. I think you already knew it.

To overcome this problem, lite app was designed in such a way that it uses very less internet data. Speaking frankly, it is because of simple layout and lightweight designing. Even you can also use it on your 2G network with ease.

Well if you're not sure about my statement then measure your own data usage and then compare it with your earlier stats.

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4. Better User Experience

I had already talked about this point above. Now let me ask you one question. What make user experience better? faster speed, interactive look, full functionality, low data usage etc., Am I right?

All these features are already embedded in this small application. It is very fast to load (work smooth even in 2G networks) , user-friendly and you can do almost everything as it is available on Facebook desktop site. For example, you can manage your pages or groups and much more.

Don't you think that this app look similar to Facebook app for java based phones?

5. Low Battery Usage

Last but not least, Facebook lite is good for system battery health. Although battery life depends on number of factors like screen lightning (dark or light colors), music, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, NFC etc., but apps are play major role. The are hungry to eat phone power.

Recent research has found the worst battery-draining apps on Android devices and Facebook is the biggest culprit. To remove this black spot, Facebook lite was created which chew very less battery life. You can also check its battery usage by going to power management.

Wrapping up all these points, this application is a good choice for you and I personally find it helpful. So what are you waiting for? Go and download it now. How was your experience? Please share your views. Love and Blessings!

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