16 December 2015

Play Hidden Flappy Bird Like Game In Android Lollipop

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Did you ever played Flappy Bird in your android smartphone? Well Its not like angry birds or temple run but yeah this game has gained lot of fame in a very short period of time.

Being simple in graphics, the application size is quite small. From other point of view, this game is challenging and very difficult to score. Because of this, I hate this game as like other small kids do. You can't score more than 3-4 and at least not me. This is the main reason why I stopped playing it.

Play Hidden Flappy Bird Like Game In Android Lollipop

Coming back to the topic, there is an interesting news for both Android and Flappy Bird users. In latest version of Android i.e In lollipop version, a new Flappy Bird like game is added as easter egg.

In this post title, I had used a term "Hidden". So what does it mean? First of let me ask you one question. How did you open games in your android phone? Well it's simple. After installing the apk application, icon is added to home screen and you just need to click it. But same thing is not applicable for this game i.e there is no direct option to play it and that's why android put in under easter egg.

Now the question is, If there is no direct option, then how can I play it? This is what I am going to tell you in here. So lets begin this tutorial from basics -

Steps to Play This Hidden Easter Egg Game

Yeah!. This is the most interesting part. It's like unlocking a key for bank robbery.. Lol :p All step by step instructions are given below -

  1. Open your Android Smartphone and move to "Settings".
  2. Scroll down and click on "About Phone".
  3. Here you'll find "Android Version" option. Just click on it for more than 10 times simultaneously. ( Do this step as fast as you can )

    About Phone Settings

  4. Now a lollipop will appear. Tap on it 2 times and then hold the screen for few seconds.

    Lollipop Symbol

  5. Finally you'll see an animated moving screen as shown in below picture. Click anywhere and a small android robot will appear. Start playing it and enjoy!

    Android Easter Egg Game Screen
Actually this game is not a Flappy Bird but a copy it. There is change of background and android robot. Although algorithm is same. When I played it for them first time, I was so frustrated that I want to throw my phone. How did you feel when their will be no progress and you'll be at same position from where all started? It is very very difficult for me to play this. So far, I just reached maximum of 3 scores and that too with lot of hard work. Finally I decided to stop playing it and now I am happy :p

It's better to have something when you have nothing to play. So you can play this game anytime when you getting bored and have nothing to do.

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If you've any questions regarding this topic, please comment below and let me know what do you think! What is your maximum score till now?

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