7 October 2015

10 New Awesome Notepad Tricks You Should Know

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Do you use notepad to save your short notes only? Yeah I know it's a great tool for that. But there is much more it can do for you. Maybe you have learned about notepad tricks based on batch programming. This is the place from where every computer geek starts his journey ( and even I am one of them ).

Notepad Tricks

So what make notepad this much loving? Well first of all, it's not a tool for writing purpose only. It can be used to create variety of programs including cpp, HTML, batch, exe, java etc., and support wide range of programming languages. In today's tutorial I will guide you to make use of its one of the supported language - Batch. Batch programming is very popular ( mostly among newbies ) as it is easy to code and include simple English language based commands. I prefer to use latest notepad plus plus as it is more advanced.

Before I start, first learn how to save notepad batch programs.
  1. Open Notepad from search menu.
  2. Here you have to write few coding ( Don't worry! I had created them for you. Choose from below list )
  3. Now go to "File">"Save as" or press "Ctrl+S" from keyboard.
  4. Choose the location where you want to save file.
  5. Now under file name, write any name you want and add ".bat" after that. For Example: Notepad-Tricks.bat
    Make sure that you have typed ".bat" after name as it is file type of batch programming and without it program will not be executed.
  6. Finally hit "Save" button.
Here goes list of 10 super amazing notepad batch program based tricks that you had never tried before in your life and surely you gonna love them all.

1. Find String In your Computer

Imagine can you create a simple search program for your computer? Maybe not. Surely I can help you. As mentioned above batch is simple commands based language and this time I am using "findstr" command which is used to search for string value. Simply save below code as "Search.bat" and as you'll open it, a black box will appear where you have to write string value that you want to search and let it do its work for few seconds. After searching, it will display either result is found or not. If it is founded then results will be saved in results.txt file under same folder where you save this program earlier. Try this code -

@echo off
title find string
color 0a
echo welcome to string finder
set /p in=enter the string that you want to search:
findstr /m "%in%" * > results.txt
if %errorlevel%==0 (
echo Found! logged files into results.txt
) else (
echo No matches found
echo press any key to watch result::
start results.txt

2. Infinite Loop with your own choice phrase

We all know what infinite loop is? In short words, the repetition of something in continuous way is termed as infinite loop. In this program I have used label based infinite loop ( goto command ). Save below code as "loop.bat" and open it. It will ask you to write word or phrase you want to display. Finally hit enter button and see the magic. Try this code -

@echo off
title Infinite Loop
ECHO Welcome to infinite loop creator with any word or phrase.
SET /P I=what do you want to be printed in loop:
echo %I%
goto label

3. Colorful Matrix Falling Effect

Maybe you have seen simple matrix falling effect. This time I had advanced it with color effect. I am using light green color text on black background. Save this code as "matrix.bat" and enjoy this tricks.

@echo off
color 0a
title Colorful Matrix Falling
goto label

4. Create Folder Which can't be Renamed or Deleted

Heading itself speaks. Here we will create a new folder which can neither be deleted nor can be renamed. Sounds good ? Hm. This program is based on 2 important commands - cd and md, where cd is used to mount command line on particular location ( Here it refers to the location where you want to create folder ). On the other hand, md is used to create new directory. Save below code as "folder.bat" and enjoy. Most probably, you would be thinking about on how to delete that folder than? Simply replace "md" with "rd" command from below code and repeat same steps. That's it.

@echo off
title advance folder creator
color 0a
echo Welcome to Folder Creator Program
set /p in=echo write path location where you want to create folder (Example: c:\) :
cd %in%
echo Press any key to Continue
echo Your folder is being processed !
echo wait..!
md con\
echo folder has been successfully created at %in% location
echo Do to want to check it. Press any button to open!
start %in%

5. Shutdown Computer Using Notepad

Usually people shut down their computer using start menu button. This task can be more easy using notepad from where you can schedule it and can display message dialog box showing reason for the shutdown. This program can be used to show-off your friends. Really cool trick. Try below code -

@echo off
title Shutdown
echo Welcome to shutdown program 
set /p time=Please set time for shutdown (in seconds) :
set /p msg=Write the message to be displayed :
echo press any key to continue.
shutdown /s /t %time% /c "%msg%"
echo Time has been scheduled. Enjoy.

6. Hang Your Computer

Sometimes your computer may hang after a long use. This is because of increase in number of programs & cached data which results into heavy load on RAM. Using this concept I had create a very simple program that has power to hang your computer. I am using start command ( used to open programs ) under infinite loop so that it can continuously do that. Try below code and save it as "hang.bat". As you'll open the program, it will ask you for permission to continue. After which it will continuously open notepad, command prompt, C Drive, D Drive, E Drive, G Drive and finally you have to shutdown your computer with power button to stop that. First time I used this trick to prank my friend and he really got shocked after seeing this.

@echo off
title Hang Computer
color 0a
echo Are you sure you want to hang you computer?
echo press any key to continue.
start notepad
start c:\
start d:\
start cmd.exe
start e:\
start g:\
goto label

7. Get Your Laptop Battery Energy Efficiency Report

Have laptop and facing battery problem? Now you don't need to go to service centre. Use this trick and get complete energy efficiency report of your laptop battery. Save below batch file as "report.bat". You need administrator permission to access this program. Simply right-click on file and select "Run as Administrator". Click OK button to allow permission. Wait for few seconds and let it do its work. After analysing, final report will be saved in C drive as energy-report.html file. Apart from errors and warnings, it will display complete information about your battery like Battery ID, Manufacturer, serial number, Chemistry etc.,

@echo off
title Get Energy Efficiency
color 0a
cd c:
echo collecting battery information
powercfg -energy
echo battery information has been saved in your c drive
echo press enter to see result in html format
start c:\energy-report.html

8. Delete Files Using Notepad

Deleting files is the simplest thing everyone can do and we usually opt normal way to do that. But do you know, you can also use notepad for that. Copy paste below code inside notepad editor and save it as "delete.bat".

@echo off
color 0a
title Delete Files
set /p I=write the path location of file you want to delete:
del %I%
echo your file from %I% has been successfully deleted.

9. Create Unlimited Folders - Crash RAM

This trick also work in same way as #6th works and can hang your computer. As I had already mentioned, md commands is used to create new directory. Here I am advancing it to create Unlimited Folders using random operator. You just need to save below code as "folder.bat" and see its magic. I recommend you to save this program in new folder ( Desktop location is best ) as it will flooded thousands of folder which will be hard for you delete one by one.

@echo off
title Folder Creator
color 0a
echo welcome to infinite folder creator
echo Are you sure to continue ?
md %random%&
goto make

10. Hide Files/Folders Using Notepad

By default, windows provide manual way to hide files or folders. However anyone can un-hide them. So this is simply useless. This time I have created batch program using "attrib" commands which is smart enough to hide files and interesting thing is, no one can un-hide them except you. Save below code as "hide.bat". As you'll open the program, it will ask to write file or folder location you want to hide. For an instance if you want to hide folder named as "important files" saved on desktop then right-click it and choose properties. A new box will appear, copy location address and write it inside program. Example : c:\users\YourComputerName\Desktop\important files

Now if you want to unhide them, simply replace "attrib +s +h" with "attrib -s -h" from below code and repeat same steps as above.

@echo off
title Hide File/folder
color 0a
echo Welcome to hide file/folder program
set /p I=write file/folder path location you want to hide:
echo press any key to continue.
attrib +s +h %I%
echo Your files has been successfully hidden

Final Words

So these are best top 10 cool notepad tricks you should try right now. I bet that these are new for you. what did you think about this? Last but not least if you have any problem or want to suggest something, please ask me in below comment box. Let's take this stage to next level. Start Conversation now.

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