20 August 2015

5 Ways To Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page Without Promoting

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Facebook Pages are trendy now a day. Almost all of your friends would have one or more page either promoting their real business or just for fun time pass. But did you notice, out of all those, only few get people attention. Other are just waste. Yeah ! waste because they don’t have people following.

Get More Facebook Page Likes Without Promoting

There are only two to three ways by which you can promote your business. Either choose Payment option which is the only official way but it will cost and may not be affordable. Other ways include promoting by sharing, page invite etc., And The Last One Is promoting via third party member/website which are less costly than Facebook.

Well From my personal view, I don’t recommend you payment way to promote. They are just shit. Why we need to waste money if there are alternative solutions. So this tutorial is all about getting more likes for free.

Note: Given below ways aren’t official, So Play Safe.
Note : Hard work is Key To Success ! So work hard and change the system !

Follow These ways and tips to gain more likes.

1. Invite Friends For Page Like

invite friends to like Facebook page

Inviting Friends to like page is one of the simplest way to get more likes, but if you own a big-business it will matter only 5-6 percent in your page growth. However if you have small scale business like photography , Shop Market, Just For Fun etc., you may find it helpful.

Not only you but anyone can invite his or her friends for any page-like simply going to page and selecting the member. Your profile Have friends limit of 5k. Imagine if you has 1k+ friends, then how can you invite them all. It would be a great task for you. But this time don’t need to worry, we have an auto script which let you automatically invite all friends at once.

For more likes, Tell your loved one to invite more.

2. Share Everywhere

Yeah ! Sharing too matters. But it will suck your time. Sharing in smarter way will make your task easy. First choose the category of your page. After that find more similar category pages and share your link on their posts under comment. You can also use other social media websites for sharing like twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.,

Note : Sharing your links on other platform is a part of spamming. So be safe and share limited. Otherwise you may be treated as spammer.

3. Share For Share ( S4S )

Use Share For Share Technique To Get Facebook Page Likes

I think this would be new word for you. This method will make an enormous growth in your page likes. Share for Share is nothing but a strategy by which admins of other pages will share your page link and in-return you have to share their on yours.

There are certain group on Facebook named With S4S Or share for share. Just search and join the groups having members more than 20k. Wait for the approval and when you got the group membership, post your page link writing something like this “ Wanna do s4s ! fast – your link will go here ”.

After that admins of other pages will share your page on their leaving their own page link under comment box. This time you have to share their page link and when this all done tell them.

By this strategy, you can target your interest people, not only from your locality but from anywhere around the world. For More Information you can check the group description.

Note: Again Share In Limits otherwise Facebook will Mark your page link as spam. You can remove other pages link from yours after sometime.

4. Write Eye-Catching Content

Content Is King-write eye catching posts to get more share and likes

Content Is King. Share High quality Picture with awesome description so that people get attracted and may share it if find useful. Dont Spam your followers, make trust with them.

Tip: Be in touch with your audience by replying to their messages, comments and provide them with high quality content which is eye catching and informative.

5. Use Social Plugin In Your Website

Get Like Box For Your Facebook Page

If you own your business website, you can add like box widget/plugin in your sidebar or as a pop-up. Get your own like box code from Facebook developer website

For More targeting you can post an article on your website about your social media status so that the people subscribing you via mail can get it in their inbox.

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