17 July 2017

How to Download YouTube Videos and Playlist for Free

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YouTube is currently the world's most popular video-sharing website owned by giant search engine Google. It's a platform where you can watch any kind of video and can also share your own original content. Due to some privacy reasons, YouTube doesn't offer any feature to download videos hosted on its server. Now what if you want to watch your favorite video over and over again, even if you're not connected to the internet.

Download HD YouTube Videos
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16 July 2017

Introducing Geek Instructor - Our New Technology Blog

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog Geek Instructor. This blog will feature tech guides including tricks, tips, news, reviews, how-to tutorials and much more.

Geek Instructor Cover

Geek Instructor logo Geek Instructor is made for all geeks and newbies who want to explore this tech world more deeply. Amongst the new features, this blog content isn't limited to Android, Social Media and Internet tutorial only. We have added some more topics in our list like Blogging, Web Development, AdSense, Analytics, SEO, and more.

The new website is power-packed with so many features. It has clean and responsive design across all browsers and devices. We have also improved our site performance and user experience. You can easily navigate to any webpage at a very high speed. Every post published on Geek Instructor is reviewed multiple times and it's well optimized for both search engines and readers.

We promise to constantly update our blog with the latest content and helpful information. We hope you will find the new website with a fresh content and easy to access information. We also wish to establish this portal as a leading source of technology guides.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, you can drop your mail at contact@geekinstructor.com or contact us via form. We will get back to your shortly. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter to receive all new updates right in your inbox.

We are also active on all major social sites. Subscribe now!

Vivek Chaudhary
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4 June 2017

How to Restart an App on Android After Being Crashed

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The common problem most Android users face today is the app being crashed abruptly. You got stuck on a login screen or somewhere else. Sometimes, app may freeze and your phone starts hanging. These types of problems mainly occur due to the bug present in the application. A bug is an error or failure that causes an app to produce incorrect or unexpected results, or to behave in unintended ways.

Restart Android app after crashing

It may also be possible that the app version isn't compatible with your device when you update the software. To solve all kinds of app-related issues, the easiest way is to force stop an app and delete all its cache and app data. This is what we do when our phone or computer hangs: shutdown and restart it. Here in the tutorial, I will guide you how to clear cache and data of an Android application and restart it again.

How to delete app data and cache

Here's a step-by-step guide -

  1. First, go to Settings and click "Applications or Apps" option.
  2. Now move to "All" tab and find the app you want to restart.

    All Phone Applocations

  3. In the app info window, tap the "Clear cache" button to delete all app's cached data.

    Clear app data and cache

  4. To delete app data, click "Clear data" button and allow permission in the following popup box.
You can also force stop an app from running in the background. Once the app data and cache is deleted, application will start as if you have installed it again. It will work smoothly without crashing and affecting your phone's performance.

What happens when you delete app data & cache

Every app needs some free space in your phone to work properly. In order to the improve the performance, apps may retrieve some frequently used files as a cache and save them in your phone memory. These cache files are known as app cached data.

While on the other hand, app data includes all app files, settings, accounts, databases etc,. When the storage space is running out in your phone, app may not get sufficient space to work and thus it will crash. When you delete app data and cache, you're making some free space for an app.

Note: Clearing the app cache will just delete the temporary files but when you clear app data, it will delete all files, settings, accounts and databases. That means, you will lose all your saved data. So make sure to take a backup before.

If you want to ask something about this tutorial, please do share it in the comments below.
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23 April 2017

How to Secure WhatsApp by Enabling 2-Step Verification

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You might have enabled 2-step verification feature on your Google account. Guess what? WhatsApp has also added this feature in its recent update. Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your account and prevents it from unauthorized access. With this feature enabled, you will be asked to provide a 6-digit security code to access your account.

Secure WhatsApp with 2-step Verification
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