11 January 2019

What Is Mesh Wi-Fi and How Do Mesh Routers Work?

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Have you ever encountered Wi-Fi dead spots in your home? It can be very annoying. This happens when your WiFi network doesn't cover your entire house. This is why people are buying Mesh Router systems. They have become very popular lately, which makes sense. I mean, no one likes to have areas of their home where they can't watch Netflix or enjoy an online video game. You want your whole house to be ready and at your command. It can be especially annoying if that dead zone is in your room, because you can’t even watch TV shows in bed. The horror!

How do mesh routers work
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15 November 2018

All You Need to Know About SSL, Google, and SEO

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We all know Google is the world's leading search engine. The strategies and the rules of the internet are declared by this search engine which becomes the major discipline for all users to abide accordingly. One of the declarations of Google was the SSL certification.

All about SSL, Google and SEO

Earlier in 2014 Google has announced that switching websites using SSL certificates would give your websites a nudge in the ranking position. And that really worked out for most companies on the internet. But it is really important to know to understand the real difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

But why does Google do all these? It's really simple. Google wants to create a more secure form of internet that users could boldly make use of the services that are rendered through the internet. Now, before we could proceed any further, let us see what actually are HTTPS and SSL.

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a system that receives and transmits information across the internet. The application protocol focuses on how information is presented to the user. But, this protocol does not really care about how the information is transmitted from one portal to another portal.

It is simply called "Stateless", which means it does not record or remember any of the previous sessions. The only advantage of having a stateless session is, it can improve its speed with less data on record. So, what is HTTPS? Let us discuss that in brief.

HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

You can either call it "HTTPS" or "Secure HTTP". The foremost purpose behind developing an HTTP is to make authorized transaction processes. As these days involved a lot of malware and thefts, users were discouraged about their experience on the web. In order to overcome this HTTPS were brought into action.

From numerous points of view, HTTPS is indistinguishable to HTTP since it takes after similar essential conventions. The HTTP or HTTPS customer, for example, an internet browser, sets up an association with a server on a standard port. In any case, HTTPS offers an additional layer of security since it utilizes SSL to move information.

Now let us have a look at what is SSL Certificate?

What is a SSL Certificate?

SSL is the acronym for Secure Socket Layer and is regularly utilized conversely with the term TLS – Transport Layer Security. Both are cryptographic conventions that assistance scramble interchanges over a PC organize.Ordinarily, if a site needed to encode the transmission of its information between the server and the customer, they would buy an SSL certificate that contains an encryption key that is put on the server.

The importance of HTTPS and SSL

The reason for adding SSL/HTTPS to your domain name is to make the web world safe. Whenever customer visits your website, he should have peace and trust in his mind that their website will secure the information that he/she provides. Google makes the web world safer against the rising risk of information hijack.

Google sees three explanations behind anchoring your site with HTTPS and SSL. They are 'Authentication', 'Information Integrity', and 'Encryption'. These three reasons address various issues that have come up about interchanges over the web.

Now, what do these three main factors have to do with SSL and HTTPS? Let us discuss them in brief.


Authentication tends to the issue of confirming the responsibility for the site. Trust it or not, there are individuals out there that influence reproduction of sites and redirect to a movement to it with an end goal to take from you. The vast majority realize that they have to check for the Green Lock in their program before entering individual data into the site. You can go above and beyond and check the SSL endorsement to ensure it has a place with the site you are currently using.

Data Integrity

Data Integrity addresses regardless of whether the data on the site has been messed with while it's in travel. On the off chance that somebody comprehends what they are doing and your site isn't anchor, they can mess with the data transmitted from your server back to the customer. The shape accommodation that the customer simply sent could go to the hacker and not the common user.


Encryption alludes to the security of interchanges between the customer and the server with the goal that nobody else can read them. This is a key point for business sites. While it's critical to scramble the interchanges on an eCommerce site, it's similarly imperative to encode the information submitted utilizing frames.

So, the importance of having an SSL certificate installed to your website is been clearly understood. Now let us have a look at the process of purchasing an SSL certificate.

Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

It is equally important to concentrate on SSL certificate as well as where you purchase them. In recent times, we find a lot of dealers who come up with great offers on SSL certificates but it is high time that we need to concentrate on how genuine is the certificate provider.

Where to buy an SSL Certificate?

As mentioned earlier, it is really important to concentrate on where to buy an SSL certificate. Consuming a certificate that fits your budget is really important at the same time it is really more important that you purchase a certificate that could really protect your website from harmful threats.

Understanding the constraints and the needs of users, SSL2buy has come up with great plans and offers that could benefit its users. Now you could boldly buy cheap SSL from SSL2BUY. The dealer is authorized and carries a lot of experience in carrying the best SSL certificate for its users. Provided they can help you with the installation of the certificate and provide you steps that can really help you keep your website safe and secure from threats.

Wrap up

Understanding Google is important. But understanding the need for your website security is way more important than holding an outstanding website. You need to make sure that you have a great website with a great security certificate installed to it. Unless you are able to secure your website from being attacked you can never withstand the online competition in spite of rendering a great service to your customers.

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1 November 2018

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection at Home

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Over the last few years, internet speeds and wireless connections have been upgraded significantly. Despite the availability of faster internet speeds, the internet users still have to face a slow internet connection at home. Following are some of the most common reasons that slow down your Wi-Fi home network and how to troubleshoot them.

Fix slow internet connection at home

1. The more the distance, the slower the internet speeds!

One of the reasons for a slower internet connection can be sitting too far from your Wi-Fi router. Try to get nearer to your router to fix this problem. The signals get weaker when there’s a lot of distance between your device and the router, resulting in a slow Wi-Fi speed.

2. Interruption from other devices/routers

Another cause for a slow internet connection is the placement of your router close to other devices such as a television set. There’s no need to hide your Wi-Fi router at the back of your TV set! Try to relocate your router in a central location of your home that is closer to your device. If the issue still persists, consider changing your router.

3. Lack of Bandwidth

Low bandwidth is also a significant cause of internet slowdowns. This usually occurs when your internet is being shared across multiple devices simultaneously, and a number of people at home are using data-consuming applications via laptop, smartphone or television. To fix this, disconnect any devices that aren’t being used actively. There are chances that someone else may be using your internet! To stop this, set a password for your home network, so it remains limited to the people in your home.

4. Excessive usage during peak hours

One of the most common reasons for internet slowdowns is its usage during peak hours. To get the best speeds and performance from your connection, try to schedule your usage beyond peak hours.

5. Improper configuration of Wi-Fi Router

Check the settings of your router and make sure that these settings are all consistent with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) recommendations. A Wi-Fi router misconfigured can cause slow internet connections and lead to performance issues.

6. Malware running on your system

Viruses and other harmful programs can certainly slow down your internet speed. When a malware gets into a computer system, it affects the performance of your internet browser by changing its settings. To fix this, reset your browser to its default settings. Usually, a virus propagates itself by generating copies of computer code and sends them via email. To avoid this situation try to keep your anti-virus program running at all times.

7. Low disk space

Your internet browser requires a certain amount of disk storage to run smoothly. If several programs are running in your system’s background, then they’ll certainly cause delays. To fix this, close any other programs running in the background. Also, delete any temporary files or folders of your internet browser to increase your disk space.

8. Browser Add-ons

Browser add-ons can help you customize your internet browser with features that can enhance your browsing experience. However, these add-ons can contribute to a slow internet connection. To fix this, try installing add-ons that are useful for your online experience. Uninstall any add-ons that are unused as it will certainly speed up your internet browser. If you find that your internet performance is being affected by these add-ons, turn them off permanently by accessing the Add-on Manager from your browser. Go to Tools, and then click Manage Add-ons.

Have you considered switching to an internet service provider that provides you with consistent internet speeds and reliable customer service?
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20 May 2018

7 Reasons That Can Sand Box Your Website in Google

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A less known but one of the most important aspects of the newly launched website, Google Sandbox is a temporary filter that helps you determine the optimization of any new site. The dark practices associated with Search Engine Optimization dates back to 2004. But back then Google Sandbox was just like a myth. Today, Sandbox exists due to the reason that search engine optimizers became too good at figuring out the search engine’s algorithms.

Google Sandbox SEO
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