About Easy Code Way & Vivek Chaudhary


Hi there - Welcome to Easy Code Way!

So you want to find out more about us. Here's all what you need to know -

Easy Code Way is a tech blog where you can learn interesting tricks, tips and tutorials on Social Media, Internet, Google, Android, Windows and various other topics. It is a place for both newbies and experts to learn something new and out of the box.

Our main aim is to guide and update you with the latest things happening around this tech world.

The Easy Code Way website was launched in 2015 by Vivek Chaudhary. Initially I started it as a programming site, as name suggests, but later on I turned it into a tech blog. Soon you will also find programming tutorials here.

There are tons of other similar and even more popular websites available over the Internet but what makes this blog different is its unique content and user experience. The page loading time is really fast. It has easy navigation and responsive design across all browsers and devices.

Easy Code Way is regularly updated with new tutorials every week. You can also discuss things and ask your problems in the comments with other like-minded people.

What you will find on Easy Code Way?

Here's the list of topics -
  • Social Media - Read interesting articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
  • Android - Read useful app reviews, tricks, tips and how-to tutorials on Android.
  • Internet - Learn how to use Internet more effectively. Read security tips that will help you to protect your privacy.
  • Google - Learn more about Google and its services including YouTube, Gmail and Google Plus.
  • Windows - Everything you need to know. Software reviews, tricks, tips and much more.
Every post on Easy Code Way is gone through a manual review multiple times and it is well optimized for both readers and search engines. Proper screenshots, pictures and videos are provided wherever necessary.

If you want to ask something, fell free to contact us via form or drop a mail at contact@easycodeway.com. Please do subscribe to our email newsletter to receive updates right in your inbox. You can also connect with this blog on these social sites -

About Vivek Chaudhary

Vivek Chaudhary That's me! The mind behind this blog.

I am a professional blogger, web developer, tech geek, artist and young entrepreneur from India.

I completed my primary education at KVSL, Meerut in 2015. My educational journey is not yet completed and I am currently doing my bachelors in software engineering.

It's been a long time when I started my journey on Internet. I had great interest in blogging since childhood and soon it turned into my passion. As like other newbies, I also used to play with computer tricks. Then I learn few programming languages and started developing software.

I love to share my knowledge and experience with other people. At Easy Code Way, I writes about tech related tricks, tips and how-to tutorials. Now I am also working on a new website and soon it will live. I am going through a very hectic schedule.

In real life, I am kind of an entertainment pack. I would like to travel around the world and explore new things. I am a big-dreamer and self-motivated. You can contact me at vivek@easycodeway.com or connect with me on these social sites. (I'm always active there 😉)